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Friday, 15 June 2012

"Child Abuse Cover Up - What Next For The Victims?"

Historic abuse victims 'afraid of cover up'

Leah Ferguson spoke to one victim still so haunted by his experience he wishes to remain anonymous

Victims of historic child abuse in Jersey say they are concerned the Abuse Inquiry will be watered-down.

The scope of the Inquiry is currently being reviewed by UK Child Protection expert Andrew Williamson.

He is in Jersey to make sure the investigation will be a healing process for victims rather than a chance to attribute blame.

One victim told us: "I was stabbed, tortured, abused, sexually abused, almost left for dead."

They continued: [I want] Justice - people that have abused people brought to justice and not just brushed under the carpet and forgotten. We need closure on historical child abuse.

"I want to have my say, I want to tell them what happened and try and protect other people, that if something happens to them tell people, not for it to be covered up."

Jersey's historic abuse investigation ran from 2007 until 2010, ending in the prosecution of seven carers.

30 others were suspected of abuse going back 70 years, but died before they could be prosecuted.

The States have agreed an inquiry is needed, but they have yet to agree the remit of that inquiry.


  1. Ian.

    "He is in Jersey to make sure the investigation will be a healing process for victims rather than a chance to attribute blame."

    There you have it. Those still in position of power will not be held to account..............The Jersey Way.

  2. Tells us what we need to know about Gorst though!!!

  3. yes gorst is allso sucking from bailhache,s nipple

  4. If gorst is allowing the cover up to continue then he is a swine these people have suffered so badly, how do those who assist the COVER UP continue to sleep at night if there is a GOD may LE Marquand and all the other cover merchants ROT IN HELL

  5. To the governments of the world who damage children, we know who you are, we will not rest whilst systematic sexual abuse is being covered up proving thus that the eliete employed by the gov't weave another web of deciet to cover the track's of the sexual predators we have exposed so far. They are to be named shamed in front of the public eye. Yes you who is in educational welfare in Uk those who are in the social services who think they are beyond reproach who seem to appear such wonderful people for all the world to see, those who keep your secrets will no longer be, we aren't bought with money no soul can you ever own or keep. Cruelty of the innocence stolen you left so many dead with lives forever broken. When foster children live in a closet of haunting fear left with the horror of memories no human being can begin to imagine.The only reason these cases get covered up is to somehow make the victim complicit because they could not speak there words locked inside them forever will they weep. To give the impression they were for sale you made them feel your vile shame and pain. Rot in hell we'll not give up, this world is awakening wisening up. We will not stop till these predators are exposed.