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Thursday, 14 June 2012

"Better Off If Your In The 626 Club!!!"

Better off than we expected!

States Treasurer Laura Rowley
States Treasurer Laura Rowley

Jersey’s public finances are stronger than expected, with spending down, income up and fixed assets totalling almost £3 billion, the 2011 States accounts show.

The accounts, which reveal how the States spent £725 million last year – come at a time when the Treasury Minister has disclosed that the States will not quite meet their savings target of £65 million next year because of the decision not to reduce grants to fee-paying schools.

Instead, Senator Philip Ozouf hopes to deliver savings of ‘the late £50 million and early £60 million mark’ by 2013 and is in the process of identifying further savings to achieve the full £65 million soon afterwards.
Commenting on the accounts, which also reveals that 626 States employees earned more than £70,000 a year during 2011, States Treasurer Laura Rowley said that Islanders could be pleased with the results, which showed that prudent spending and making savings had paid off.

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  1. 626 x £70,000 = £43,820,000 (minimum) (626 earned more than)

    do states employees include the judiciary?
    or top civil servants?