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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

"Bailhache's Bullshit Just Don't Wash Any More!!!"

Trust backing for Senator’s plea on Plémont headland

Celia Jeune at the former Pontin’s Holiday Camp site

Gullible Celia Jeune at the former Pontin’s Holiday Camp site 

THE States must ‘seize the moment’ and buy the Plémont headland for future generations to enjoy, says the head of the National Trust for Jersey.

Celia Jeune has urged Members to support Senator Sir Philip Bailhache’s proposition to buy the beauty spot and return it to nature.

And she says that an independent valuation could be the key to reaching a price for the site, that is fair to both the public and the owner, Centre Parcs millionaire Trevor Hemmings.

Mr Hemmings is hoping to develop the former Pontin’s holiday camp site to provide 28 homes while Senator Bailhache and supporters would like the States to buy it and to return it to its natural state.


I do not see how this area is more important or worthy of saving than the carbuncle that is Fort Regent. Both are a blight and need addressing NOW.
Face facts, your government couldn’t care and Ballache is merely on a damage limitation exercise after his LIES and U-TURN on government reform.
Some of us see straight through these charlatans.

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