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Friday, 22 June 2012

"Bailhache Reaches For That Trusty Broom Again!!!"

Calls for fewer Members in the States

"Starting With Bailhache's Seat"


Too much history in this yard!!!
Reducing the number of States Members, dividing the Island into ‘super-constituencies’ and Sunday voting were among suggestions made by Islanders at a hearing into States reform yesterday.

In the first public hearing of the new Electoral Commission, chaired by Senator Sir Philip Bailhache, ex-politicians and members of the public expressed their views on how the States Assembly could be improved.

The commission, which has been asked to come up with a new way of working for the States, has received more than 120 written submissions and yesterday heard the views of nine people in the Town Hall.

Both former Senator Pierre Horsfall and former St Peter Deputy Robin Hacquoil said that there should be fewer Members in the States.


  1. I dont get why voting on Sunday should be a mention when voting on a Saturday should also be made possible.

    And as for having these meetings on a weekday morning, well it just beggars belief.

    Just as some people have said voting should be available on weekends so should these "democratic" meetings be held when the majority of islanders might be able to go and have their say, regardless of whether they are for or agains Sirs point of view.

    The whole thing is a complete joke, anyone who is interested seriously in reform would hold their meetings during none working hours. Anyone who is not interested in reform unless it is to their order would have them during working hours. Even a simpleton should realise they are being taken this piss of.

    Nine people in the town hall, well blow me, its not as though most people have a job to do at that time in the morning. I wish I could say the Ballaiche and his committee of tossers dont have a clue why people dont turn up but its a straight fact, they know exactly why they do these meetings during normal peoples working hours.

    One look at the photo in the JEP and you can see without doubt a bunch of pompous twats hand picked to ensure a righteous outcome.

    Independant commission my frigging arse. Bailhache can go xxxx himself for all I care the guys a complete xxxx. I dont mind calling people Sir when they deserve it but Baillache wont be hearing that word in front of his name from me.

    1. Boy you said a mouthful there! :)

  2. Ian.

    Former Deputy Daniel Wimberley summed it all up, in just two words, "DEMOCRACY TERRORISTS"

  3. "Dan Wimberley....he's my man....a seriously intelligent fellow,who is methodical and fearless...a really good citizen whom we have all gained from...we need 20 more like him."

    We don't need anyone who isn't in the States anymore!!!