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Friday, 8 June 2012

"And Bailhache Says We Don't Need A Committee Of Inquiry???"

Concerns over housing of sex offenders


"The Ecrehous Are Now Free!!!"


Questions are being asked after a man convicted of gross indecency against two ten-year-old girls was found to be living just yards from a children's play park.

Residents of the States housing estate in Jersey have called a meeting with the authourities after they found out the convicted sex offender was living there.

He carried out the attacks against two ten year old girls in 2006, but the conviction only came to light after someone put up posters in the blocks of flats at the Le Marais Estate in St Clement, warning parents to keep their children safe.

Mike Dun, from the Social Security and Tenants' Action Group said: "This raises issues that we hadn't really though about before.

"Here is a person that obviously needs to be housed but there are other people in the area that also need to be housed - they have got families and children and they need to be housed safely, so there is a bit of a conflict and we are interested to see how it is going to be resolved."

A Spokesman for Community & Social Services said: "The label sex offender applies to a range of people prosecuted under this legislation and it can be unhelpful to apply the same broad brush description to all cases.

"In this case the Children's Service has worked with the young man in question for many years, he has lived with other children and young people in our care and attended main stream education without concern.

At the time of referral to housing in 2011, there was no prosecution pending for the offences for which he has subsequently been convicted. These offences are historic, committed as a minor and are not seen to place members of the public at undue risk. This was therefore reflected in the information provided at the time of referral.

"As far as possible all information of relevance and concerning the safety of others is shared in between agencies. In this instance the risk was perceived to be low and therefore this did not occur, thus providing the young man in question with confidentiality of his situation.

"The Children's Service will be reviewing its processes in such situations."

This lack of communication meant the Housing Department had to be alerted to the situation by Le Marais residents.

The offender has now been moved for his safety and that of the estate's residents.

But with 35 people on the Sex Offenders register in the island, these circumstances have raised questions about one of the most complex issues facing our society.


  1. Well done done to Mike and the rest of the residents for kicking up shyte about this!!!

  2. Only 35 people on the Sex Offenders register and yet the JEP stated there were over 200 on the island.

  3. 210 was a figure banded about by Le Marquand some time back....Nothing but a corrupt bunch of liars and cheats