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Saturday, 23 June 2012

"Alphonse Not Resting In Peace Without An Apology" :)

Alphonse family demand apology

Good Luck but

Don't hold ya breath now!!!


The late Alphonse Le Gastelois pictured at the Ecréhous
The late Alphonse Le Gastelois pictured at the Ecréhous

THE family of Alphonse Le Gastelois – the Jerseyman who fled to a remote offshore reef after being wrongly accused of appalling sex crimes against children – have called on the States to apologise for the terrible treatment he suffered.

Mr Le Gastelois, who died earlier this month aged 97, spent 15 years living alone on the Ecréhous after his name was mysteriously leaked as the chief suspect in the Beast of Jersey attacks in the early 1960s.

Despite being innocent, a community desperate for the attacker to be caught focused their anger, fear and revulsion on him.

Now the few surviving members of his family are leading calls for an apology and want a memorial to be placed on the reef which lies around six miles off the north-east coast.

Will and Val du Heaume, his next of kin and the couple who looked after him as his health failed, say that the States must acknowledge the wrong Mr Le Gastelois suffered.


  1. Oh sad Trolligarchy, you will be getting it soon :)

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