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Friday, 1 June 2012

"8 out of 10 Jersey Criminals Are Paedo's!!!"

Police raids: Man in court facing child porn charge


DI Dave Burmingham with items seized during the raids
DI Dave Burmingham with items seized during the raids

A MAN was due to appear in court today on suspicion of possessing indecent images of children after being arrested during a series of police raids yesterday.

Ten people were arrested after police launched the biggest co-ordinated series of raids seen in Jersey during a 24-hour blitz on crime.

Eight were arrested on suspicion of downloading indecent images of children, and two others were arrested for allegedly possessing drugs and stolen property.

One of the suspects was due to appear in the Magistrate’s Court this morning after being charged with possessing indecent images of children.

The nine others were released pending further inquiries.


  1. Sadly Ian, whilst this disgusts me, it doesn't surprise me. Look at the soft sentance handed out to Mark Maguire recently, this guy was working as a youth leader and coach for junior rugby players, got caught with the most vile stash of child porngraphy, and will be back out there doing it again soon. They don't even go on the sex offenders register for life!! We have a convicted paedo living near us, on an estate full of small children, he was released back home to his wife and children. More fool the wife, I would have castrated him whilst he slept. An angry neighbour called him a paedophile out on the estate, the police came and warned her if she did it again she would be arrested for causing a breach of the peace !! WTF!! Am hoping he gets what he's due one day, but whilst they are so protected it's impossible. Did you know that when released, they go to social to claim their income support. But they don't have to queue like everyone else, in case anyone is nasty to them. They jump the queue and get taken to a private room to discuss their needs. AAAAh, don't get me started on the system that allows all these things to go on. As a victim of child abuse, I want to scream at the ptb, wake up you paedo protecting scum. But it would be me that took the full force of the law. Sometimes I think it's hopeless, but then I think maybe one day, people will wake up and see what is going on.

  2. Unfortunately anon, most of our politicians, judges and policemen seem to view paedophiles as little more than an inconvenient irritant, best dispelled with a light slap on the wrist....

  3. What a very big bag for so few sad looking shade leaves, proudly displayed by jerseys safe cracking expert