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Monday, 14 May 2012

"What Chance A Fair Hearing?"

Deputies may appeal in defamation case

Two Jersey deputies who lost their defamation case against estate agents Broadlands and the Jersey Evening Post are considering an appeal.

Trevor and Shona Pitman have been ordered to pay the costs of both defendants, which could amount to tens of thousands of pounds.

Negotiations on costs are still ongoing.

The Pitmans say they are waiting for the Royal Court's final written judgement before announcing whether they will appeal.

The defamation case related to a cartoon commissioned by Broadlands and published by the JEP in 2008, which the Pitmans claim wrongly portrays them as greedy money grabbers who only entered politics for financial gain.


  1. Take a benchmark: what was done to Stuart Syvret,on an even playing field the chances were 1-15 of a win...on this island and with these courts and gangsters....? not the Pitmans smartest move,I understand why they tried,but the Cabal seek to "Break" people financially or need very deep pockets to play at that roulette wheel.Doesn't make it right and I feel their outrage.

  2. Couldn't agree more anon, and I too understand why they did it but taking on the oligarchy mouthpiece and expecting any kind of justice is the bit I cannot fathom.

    And on a different note, who is 'anyone' to judge what is deemed offensive to the Pitman's or any other soul for that matter?

  3. It would be simpler to poke butter up a porcupine`s arse with a "redhot needle" than for the Pitmans to win an appeal in the Jersey courts!!!!