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Monday, 28 May 2012

"Syvret Happy To Appear For The Defence 'or' Prosecution In This Case!!!"

Nurse sues States over murder claims on blog

The man worked at the General Hospital

A MALE nurse accused of the ‘mass murder and sexual assault’ of vulnerable patients by former Senator Stuart Syvret is suing the States for failing to protect him.

The man, who worked at the General Hospital and in Jersey care homes in the 1990s and 2000s, says that he has been embarrassed and threatened with violence, and his career and business have suffered after Mr Syvret wrongly made ‘serious and scandalous’ allegations on his internet blog.

Royal Court documents show that the man, who no longer works as a nurse and whom the JEP has chosen not to name, is now suing the Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police and the Health Minister for failing to protect sensitive information about him.

Both the police chief and the Health Minister deny breaching the data protection law and have asked that the claims be dismissed and the man ordered to pay all costs.

The comment below was taken from Mr Syvret's blog today

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...
Bring it on. However - who wants to place a bet - that neither side calls me as a witness? You see this phenomena, in what passes for "judicial" proceedings time and time again in Jersey; in certain cases - there will be highly relevant witnesses - that just won't get called - because the testimony of the witnesses in question would be very "inconvenient" to both sides. For example - John Day was not called - by defence - or prosecution - in the manslaughter case against the locum. Graham Power and Lenny Harper were not called - by defence or prosecution - in the abuse-of-process hearings made at an early stage of certain of the child abuse prosecutions. That was shortly after the illegal suspension of Graham Power - and the Judge, Chris Pitchers, was enthusiastically spouting a "report" by a spin-doctor, Matt Tapp - that falsely sought to smear the work of the police. Yet neither side called the two, key witnesses - Mr. Power and Mr. Harper. But - just so both parties know - I'm ready and willing to be a witness - give evidence - and be cross examined under oath. Don't both rush at once. Stuart


  1. Are you and Syvret in bed together?

  2. Hes biteing off the hand that (drip) feeds him

  3. "Are you and Syvret in bed together?"

    NO....we just happen to share the same view about the same corrupt scum on this island, does that answer your question?

  4. best make that 3 that share the same view ian.this must be a win for stuart no matter what

  5. Caveman in the snowMay 28, 2012 8:46 pm

    Make that 4 and Im not even from Jersey

  6. Me neither, Caveman.


  7. It's a very large bed we share :)

  8. Not as large as the carpet the States share though lol

  9. That Stuart is happy to appear in this case and wont get probably the most significant headline in my life time and sums up how lawless and corrupt this place that still has the temerity to call itself a democracy( Nothing could be further from the truth ) is mindblowingly unbelievable but remains horribly true....I feel so sorry for me and all the ordinary honest citizens,who are in the financial trap of being here and unable easily to relocate to somewhere safer and 'Rambo' said .." did you bring any weapons...?"...No....then you will change nothing.we need a revolution.