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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

"See Ya Later Jersey - Even The Rats Are Off"

HSBC Private Bank moving to Guernsey

HSBC Private Bank moving to Guernsey
HSBC bank has announced that it is moving part of its business from Jersey to Guernsey.

The news comes just two weeks after the bank announced that it was cutting 90 local jobs as part of a national restructuring programme.

Asked by the JEP whether the job cuts were linked to the move, the company said that it was ‘too early to talk about redundancies’ and that it was ‘more cost effective’ to operate from one island.

The bank has said that it would be moving its private banking arm – which provides banking services to very wealthy clients – to Guernsey and would give up its HSBC Private Bank (CI) Limited licence held in Jersey.


  1. it's just a beginning,the politicians who are responsible,are happy spending hours on green lanes and who should be able to have their lunch paid for..trivia...while the big issues sail by silently...human rights police panel..on and on poisoning the public with the incinerator it is an endless debacle....Meanwhile back in the 'Real' adults will vote with their feet....the politics of this place disgust me and I was born here and remember when it was such a friendly sensible place with a few charming quirks.

  2. yes them were the days m8