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Friday, 25 May 2012

"Seconds Out - Round Two"

Politician in court on assault charge

One of Jersey's most senior politicians appeared in the Magistrates' Court this morning charged with assault.

It is claimed Senator Alan Breckon assaulted Suzette Hase at his house in St Brelade on 31st March.

Senator Breckon - who was first elected as a deputy for St Saviour No 2 back in 1993 - was at one time tipped for the top job of Chief Minister.

He became a Senator in 2008.

Although he's not a minister, he currently sits on the Legislation Advisory Panel. It is their job to look at laws and court procedures.

At one time Senator Breckon and Suzette Hase worked together at the consumer council. He also helped support her campaign to become a deputy in St Helier.

Senator Breckon has been released on bail and will appear back in court on 22 June.

Under States rules a person cannot stand for election or continue as a senator if "within the seven years immediately preceding the date of his or her election, or since his or her election, has been convicted, whether in Jersey or elsewhere, of any offence and ordered to be imprisoned for a period of not less than three months, without the option of a fine."


  1. Alan Breckon is a very good man, has devoted the best part of his life towards improving the lives of others, he was the same while employed with Jerseygas, I sincerely hope this matter is resolved.
    People like him do not come along too often

  2. 'People like him do not come along too often' !!!

    I am betting Suzette Hase is thanking god for that!

  3. I have been waiting for that comment for days....many thanks.... :)

  4. I do not believe he did this. She is a drunk and a very dishonest person. Breckon knows it would ruin his career.