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Thursday, 24 May 2012

"Race Is On To Find Next Generation Of Jersey Child Abuse Deniers"

Competition for budding newshounds

he £12.5 million 1,000-mph rocket car being designed to break the land-speed record
The £12.5 million 1,000-mph rocket car being designed to break the land-speed record

A competition for budding newshounds has been launched to mark the arrrival this week of a life-sized model of a rocket car being designed to smash the land-speed record.

The JEP and local finance firm Spearpoint have worked with the jet-powered Bloodhound to create a special competition for those who dream of being a journalist and want to be part of motoring history.

The team behind the £12.5 million 1,000-mph rocket car being designed to break the land-speed record are in Jersey this week ahead of this weekend’s Rubis Jersey International Festival of Motoring at which the  life-sized model of the Bloodhound will take centre stage.

The competition is open to those aged 18 and under. There are two age groups – under 14 and 14 to 18 – and a range of prizes to be won.

Anyone wishing to take part must register for a press pass by Saturday either by emailing name and contact details to or by going to the Bloodhound tent at the People’s Park on Saturday.

Reports will be judged on style and content and prizes will be awarded for both classes including Bloodhound memorabilia and membership of the exclusive 1K Club.

The article should be no more than 300 words and submitted to by Friday 1 June.


  1. Ooooooh, Ian, I just know I could win! How about this:

    "Jersey is so wonderful and perfect! Just awesome! Always real polite for sure! I love it and everyone in Jersey is so lucky to be here! Wow! We have Sir Senator to be proud of, and a sunny little Isle where people are Sooooooo nice! I promise to be the best writer ever about Jersey, and I would never read those vile blogs or anything critical, I swear. I mean, who wants to hear that stuff when everything is so great here?"

    Let me, let me, let me win, PLEASE, pretty please.

  2. Get out of it!!!

    Nowhere near weak enough....

  3. PS

    "If you let me win I promise, cross my heart, I won't be curious about those silly things those bloggers say. I have no curiosity at all! I learnt my lesson about that when I stuck a fork in an electrical outlet. You can depend on me. I close my ears to everything that isn't pretty. My favourite colour is rose. If you let me win I promise to love rose more than any other color ever! I can't even see other colours! Oh, unless you tell me I shouldn't, like if you want me to write that something is bad, but then it would only be bad if it wasn't rosy, right?"