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Thursday, 31 May 2012

"The Price We Pay For Trying To Find Justice In Jersey"

"We Start To Redress The Balance Next Week"


  1. My thanks to Francis Dowse who drove up to see me and had his very own heart attack!!!

    Jeeeeez Frank, when it rains it pisses down!

  2. Ian the camera doesn't lie and there can be no doubt that we finally have proof that you have been stitched up!

    Mate I'm being cynical here but why didn't they have you killed on the operating table. We have blind surgeons killing people left and right with no accountability, seems they missed a trick with you.

    Hope you recover fully.

  3. My op was in Oxford, a proper hospital.

  4. Nice try Trollbot, pretending to be a 50 year old woman to get a comment through :)

    Unlucky Chucky....