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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

"Nick Never Does Nowt But Get Angry"

Union chief hits out after new top civil post is advertised

Unite leader Nick Corbel
Unite leader Nick Corbel
THE leader of the Island’s biggest trade union has strongly criticised the creation of a new highly-paid senior civil servant post for a director of financial services.

Billed as a ‘new role for a new era’ the position, which will be advertised in the Financial Times later this week, has provoked the ire of Nick Corbel of the Unite Union.

He is angry that the States ‘continue to create senior posts while freezing wages, making people redundant and reducing services’.

‘It seems that they continue to cut at the bottom to create jobs at the top. We are always getting told to make savings and that we cannot afford to recruit.

The advertisement in the JEP says that the newly-created post of director of financial services will be ‘one of the most influential roles for the Island’.

1 comment:

  1. Nick Cobel is a complete waste of Union members money. He is managements arse licking puppet on a string.

    He is totaly inefectual and has to be ousted.

    Sooner rather than later.