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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

"New Horror Hospital Planned - Same Idiots In Charge?"

Jersey's health service overhaul will cost £20.4m

Deputy Anne Pryke  
Deputy Anne Pryke said Jersey's health service was under pressure because of the ageing population

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Jersey's health service is facing its biggest overhaul according to the island's health minister.
Deputy Anne Pryke has revealed the new model for health and social care in Jersey after consulting islanders.
More than 85% of the 1,300 people who responded want the system redesigned to allow more care in the community, instead of relying on the hospital.
She said in 10 years Jersey could have a new hospital and the changes could cost £20.4m over three years.
Deputy Pryke said pressures had got so much this had to become the island's priority.
'Funding is vital' She said: "Health and social services is under pressure because of the ageing population, nursing recruitment and replacing consultants when they retire.
"So we need to redesign and care for people in the community and having these extra services and the funding for these services is vital."
The health department said it would achieve the changes by teaming up with groups and charities such as Family Nursing and Home Care and by pumping more money into the system.
It said by 2040 the number of islanders over 65 will have increased by 95%.
Deputy Pryke said redesigning the health service was the only realistic option to cope with an ageing population.
Islanders have eight weeks to have their say in a public consultation on what they think of the plans to transform health care in Jersey.

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  1. This woman stutters and hesitates her way through things...did not even know how mch Andrew Mcloughlin was on and yet defended the amount which they all tamed down after the uproar,could not find her own ass with both hands,did not get ONE vote yet sits on the islands biggest spend even while they killed one of their own ...what a mess..this place is in and all because of Goons like her.