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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

"Jerseys Spineless Corrupt Government Blame Syvret Again"

Murder claims action: States blame Syvret

FORMER Senator Stuart Syvret and not the Health department is responsible for misusing sensitive information about a nurse he accused of mass murder, it has been claimed.

The nurse is suing the Health Minister and the police chief for misusing personal information they kept about him and which was published on Mr Syvret’s blog.

However, in a response to the nurse’s claims filed with the Royal Court, the current Health Minister says that the former Senator is to blame and not her department.

Health’s response says that he was acting in his ‘personal capacity’ and not his ‘official capacity’, and that his actions were ‘improper and unauthorised’ when he published claims about the nurse.

The nurse, who worked at the General Hospital and in Jersey care homes in the 1990s and 2000s, has launched separate actions against the Health Minister and the chief of police, who both deny any wrongdoing.


  1. This has to be the greatest example of a Jersey state media headline for all time for making it read like Stuart should be blamed for murder. Just way over the top, even for them, a classic far beyond parody.

  2. It's really getting hackneyed and repetitive now...banging an empty drum....Syvret guilty of all things at all times..only he can be blamed for everything including all their scullduggery.....Yeah right....maybe it's because he is the only one with strong enough shoulders to take it and remain standing and intact...that really fucks them off.