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Thursday, 24 May 2012

"Jersey To Get Maternity Law By ZZZZZzzzzzzzz!!!"

Jersey to get a maternity law 'by 2014', says minister

Pregnant woman  
Mothers in Jersey could get two weeks leave on full pay and up to 16 weeks unpaid leave

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Jersey's new social security minister has pledged to create a maternity law before he leaves office.
Senator Francis Le Gresley said he was working hard on changing primary legislation so a new maternity law could be introduced by 2014.
Currently, there is no legal provision for maternity leave but new mothers can be signed off work for two weeks.
Senator Le Gresley said it was sad Jersey had no such law and should follow Guernsey in introducing one.
In February, Guernsey's States approved maternity leave for mothers that will come into force in January 2014.
Senator Le Gresley - who was chosen for the ministerial role in November - wants to give mothers in Jersey two weeks leave on full pay.
He wants mothers to then have up to 16 additional weeks unpaid leave depending on how long they had been in their job.
He said: "My term of office is three years and I would hope to achieve this during my term in office."

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