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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

"Jersey Porkers Forced To Eat Healthily"

Schools ditch the chips

Students in Jersey have overwhelmingly welcomed a move to healthier school dinners.

In a recent survey, nearly 90% of young people said they are happy with the new food on offer, since Jersey School Food Standards introduced the healthy options.

The five schools involved in the changes to the meal service are Grainville, Haute Vallee, Les Quennevais, Hautlieu and Highlands College.

Sweets, chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks have been phased out and there is also a limit on deep fried foods.

And the changes are going down well with the kids. The survey found that 89% of students rated the lunches as "delicious" or "ok". Only 3% say they are "disappointing". The flavour and variety of food, and great staff were highlighted as the best thing about school lunches.

Karen Le Cornu, Health Improvement Officer, said: "These results are very encouraging. While some students would like to see chocolate bars and fizzy drinks return to the shelves, the survey results indicated that many students are happy with the new service and the choices on offer".

At Grainville School, the canteen has had a recent refurbishment. Now, fresh food can be prepared on-site, and staff are now being trained in nutrition and food safety. There is a new cashless card payment system, which will reassure parents that their child is spending their lunch money within the school, where the new nutritional standards ensure a wide variety of healthy products are available.

Jeremy Harris, ESC's Assistant Director of Policy and Planning said: "The schools concerned have opted to share a single catering contractor (Jersey Potteries) and this has brought benefits. Not only has it resulted in a more cost effective service, it has also made it possible to improve and monitor the nutritional quality of the food on offer."

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