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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

"Jersey Police Officers - Leading By Example"

"Speeding, No Seatbelt, Whilst Chatting On A Mobile Phone"

Radio Jersey issued a statement saying the Jersey Police didn't think it was
one of their officers???

Looks like the Avenue to me :)


  1. Outstanding photo, although I have a question was the car moving or was it stationary. Reason I ask is because someone I know got taken to the parish hall for using their phone in a car but the traffic was stationary, the person was explaining why they would be late. The copper was told at the parish hall enquiry to grow up and not be so anal whilst the traffic was at a standstill.

    The pictures you show look like it could be standstill traffic. I am not trying to mock you but can you confirm if it was taken in moving traffic and not standstill?

    Thanks, and great to have you back, hope your recovery is swift and without any further complications.

  2. Will take a look down the front tomorrow and see if the background scenery falls at any traffic lights.

  3. To our Jersey trollbot child abuse sponsoring imbecile, as I told you last month, I ain't posting anymore of your shyte so go drown yourself in your own verbal!!!

  4. I found it on Google Street View.

    It is just past the entrance to the last layby before First Tower and measures approximately 500 feet (151 meters) from the traffic lights. Feasible that the traffic has stopped. Therefore only the photographer would be able to say if the car was moving.

    He may have his seatbelt on but it is mainly obscured by his shirt.

    Could also be a prison officer on his way to work. The police tend to remove their epaulettes when they are off duty but prison officers drive around wearing them.

  5. They will deny he was driving, from the angle of the shot he could be in the passenger seat with the real driver out of view.

    Or they'll say it was one of their TETRA radio sets, which are exempt from the mobile phone laws.

    Unless the witness is willing to testify in court, it will go nowhere. And we all know the chances of a court success anyway, don't we? :)

  6. Court success is usually between 2% and 3% per anum. That is the figure used on the mainland to show the public that you CAN WIN in court :)

  7. Passenger seat is clearly visible, so he is driving. Even if traffic is stationary, why is his mobile in reach to answer? Traffic does not stop coincidentally just for phone calls.. Absolutely the avenue, I recognised it as soon as i saw the photo. And seat belt would still be slightly visible in Ian's close up of the picture.

    Nothing will be done about this. Nothing ever is. He has broken at least 2 ''laws'' clearly... But hey ho. 1 rule for them etc.

  8. i get really annoyed with people texting and using there phone .
    women are the worse also mums with kids .they drive looking down and maybe cover 200 yards at a time before looking up to see the road .
    one day there will be a horrific accident and they will find someone dead in there car with a Nokia rammed down there gob . cops can do as they like as they are above the law ,dont do as i do do as i say plebs .

  9. "Will take a look down the front tomorrow and see if the background scenery falls at any traffic lights"

    Haha, fair enough and a brilliant response, it just didnt look like there was much movement in the background apart from the tree. I have to take my hat off to you though for the reply, glad to note you are receovering well and not lost your sense of humour