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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

"I Risk Prejudicing A Fair Trial!!! Go Tell Graham Power That!!!"

States look at Police reform

Police reform is top of the States agenda today which could lead to a radical shake up of the force.

Currently the Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand, is responsible for overseeing the Police but the States will vote to establish an independant group.

The Jersey Police Authority would take the oversight of police work out of the hands of the politicians. They would ensure the force was running efficiently and would be set up next year.

The Home Affairs Minister would retain overall responsibility for police policy and would be responsible for securing their budget.

Under the changes parish constables would also have some of their powers cut back.


  1. Fair trials became extinct in jersey a thousand years ago.


  2. I honestly dont see what the point of this is. The Home Affairs Minister still retains overall responsibility, where is the difference?

    It still appears to me that the Home Affairs Minister has power over the police so nothing changes, except perhaps that the Home Affairs Ministers appointed Independent Authority means he has the backing of more people instead of just himself. So, some people to fall back on when or if it goes tits up.
    I dont know for sure but the word "independant" doesnt ring true to me.

  3. It is quite simply just another jumbled up pack of lies and deception by an out of control lunatic.

    It does not mean anything will change, in fact, it doesn't mean anything at all!!!

  4. What does this say about Police Chief Bowron, Is this how a professional police chief supposedly free of political strings bows and scrapes to his political master. If he had any backbone, he probably would have taken the job but have resigned by now.

    How is the Grouville land corruption enquiry advancing, gone quite, or the Standard Chartered inquest going, the one he turned down.


  5. Yes what about the Grouville affair...anyone throw any light on it,,,come on Carolyn Labey....tell us what's going down....
    and whilst on Grouvill Turf may I say John Mesch would make a great police panel chairman and leader.

  6. Hi Ian,

    Lovely to have you back, your body sounds as crocked as mine feels ! Sorry to go off subject a bit, but I had a note on my calendar that end of April, beginning of May was to see the Niall Linden, Green Island death crash back in court.
    Have you heard anything?


    1. Hi luv, no I haven't.

      Been in hospital for another week with lung infection

  7. Ian.

    Some of the subjects to be discussed TONIGHT

  8. Now that you mention Carolyn Labey, maybe she can tell us whatever happened to the compelling evidence she had regarding corruption in the Planning Office, was she paid to "forget it"?

  9. Looking at the foul design for yet more flats at what was Mont De La Rocque hotel in St.Aubin...what the hell is Beardy Duhamel doing at planning for fucks sake, we just got rid of Cohen the BARBARIAN and island this .This permission should be RESCINDED and he should be dragged out of office before he dose any more damage.the man is an incompetent idiot or on the take..or how else would you give that piece of shit a thumbs up.Come on...!!!and Carolyn Labey....come out and say what you know we too want and deserve as your employer to know...spit it out.

  10. It says it all when someone comes out with an accusation such as Labey did, and something that your everyday person on the street knows goes on, that the original accuser goes quiet. Its all about hoping it goes away, put the pressure on the accuser, loss of 42k per year. Maybe someone has something on Labey that she doesnt want out in the open that the accused may have mentioned will come out in the wash if she does.

    Something funny has gone on otherwise Labey would have admitted she was wrong or she would have pursued this. There is only one fact in this and that is no one will ever know what has gone on whilst Labey is stonewalled into silence.

    It shows her lack of any integrity to make an accusation and not follow it through and my best guess is she is either scared of losing her living wage or scared of what someone might have against her. Either way she has proven herself to be of little backbone, so far in this saga.