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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

"Does Anyone Actually Believe This Clown Any More?"

Jersey hospital operation waiting times increasing

Deputy Anne Pryke  
Deputy Pryke said increasing demand for hip and knee replacements was causing delays

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Waiting times for routine operations are increasing because of higher demands on Jersey's health service, the island's health minister has said.
Deputy Anne Pryke said the increased workload was due to people living longer.
The minister said the hospital could bring in consultants from outside the island to help reduce waiting lists for non-emergency surgery.
She said a full review of services would be published this month.
Deputy Pryke told the States putting more care into the community would help solve some of the problems around bed demand.
"We are an ageing society, we are living longer so we need more hip replacements, knee replacements and we offer a more hospitalised service.
"If we can put more care in the community people can be discharged that little bit earlier or even not need to come into the hospital which will release more beds.
"In 2010 there was a huge increase in waiting times, staff challenges continue to be a challenge and will always be a challenge. We try hard with consultants to bring the waiting list down.
"If it means extra clinics then we will do that from time to time," she said.


  1. Ask how many hours private care a UK NHS ( for NHS read paid for by the taxpayer ) hospital consultant will be able to squeeze in after an exhausting 40 hour week with on calls. Jersey loads as long as you can pay.

    Thats why the waiting times are so long here. If in doubt ask the tax man how much more the consultants are getting in Jersey compared to the same in the NHS.

    Grow up Anne and get some.

  2. "We are an ageing society...."

    Really? With the large influx of young adult 'Eastern' Europeans and their breeding programmes? And a near 900 intake of primary school children in one year? I largely think not.

    As this comment of Ann Pryke is clearly misinformation, one is entitled to suggest that the rest of the statement is of an equal misnomer.

    The Beano is not the Rag

  3. Given that Dr Death has just been awarded circa £500K following a 3 year suspension on full pay total cost apporx £ 3000,000 ( yep you read it right 3 million quid ) I'd say increased waiting times are a good thing. The projected lifespan of a patient will significantly increase if they can avoid surgery.

    My old mucker Dr "shouty" Kumar still retains gainful employment in spite of costing millions on unnecessary dialysis for patients he believes should not be allowed to have life saving pre emptive life kidney transplants. Dr Kuntmar was previously reported by an unhappy patient who had been shouted at for daring to question his lordships medical skill, this following years of agonising dialysis because he wasn't told that he could have a live transplant donated by a non living relative.

    These fuckers should be appraised and sacked if they fail to perform, you know just like in a proper job. Ann Pryke - total establishment lackey, she thinks what she's told.

  4. Three years ago, I had a successfull operation for a Hernia, I waited 11months and 3weeks exactly for it, in the end I complained about the waiting time, threatened to go to the JEP, and I was miraculously given a date, otherwise, I would have waited a lot longer.
    I read that the max. waiting time in Scotland is 6 months, and they are almost Third World.
    For a wealthy Island like Jersey, the waiting time should embarrass the idiots in charge, NOT ONE JOT.
    The longer they ignore the immigration problem here the worse thing will get, but they do not care so long as they can abuse cheap labour in order to maximise the profit margin, nothing is more important in this greedy,greedy, greedy Island than money!!!!!!!