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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

"Bestest Fwiends Again"

Chief Minister backs Senator Ozouf

Senator Philip Ozouf (left) with Chief Minister Ian Gorst
Senator Philip Ozouf (left) with Chief Minister Ian Gorst

CHIEF Minister Ian Gorst has backed his under-fire Treasury Minister over the collapse of the Lime Grove deal and bullying allegations.

In a statement to the States, Senator Gorst said that he was standing by Senator Philip Ozouf, but added that he would hold regular meetings with ministers in future to check on their workload and progress.

Earlier this morning, Senator Ozouf conceded that ‘mistakes had been made’ over the failed deal to put a new police station at Lime Grove but denied that he had bullied staff.


  1. Gorst defending the undefendable....not an ounce of credibility or integrity between them ...a pair of fuckwits...the place is doomed.

  2. Now the Jersey Don can rid himself of Gorst by using the JEP as proxy, and they will rally the public to their cause by blaming Gorst for protecting Ozouf. Must be far more going on than meets the eye.

  3. What has Ozouf got to do before he is dismissed, the arrogance of this clown is breathtaking!
    Gorst has let a few people down, he is spineless and very weak.
    This Island is well fucked.