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Monday, 28 May 2012

"The Bailhache Bros Want Your View? - Since When Did They Ever Ever Consider You???"

What's your view on the States Assembly?

 And I hope you tell em' straight.... 


Jersey's Electoral Commission has launched a major public consultation exercise on the composition of the States Assembly.

A leaflet is being distributed to every household in Jersey this week seeking the views of Islanders looking at the classes of States member;
their constituencies and mandates; the number of States members and their terms of office.

Commission Chairman, Senator Sir Philip Bailhache, said the initial stages of the Commissions work would involve seeking the views of Islanders.

He said:"We are very keen to engage with Islanders to find out their views on the future composition of the States Assembly. We hope that as many Islanders as possible will send in their submissions for consideration to guide us as we develop proposals for reform.

The States have agreed that whatever recommendations we make will need to be
submitted for public approval in a referendum and it is therefore important that we hear views from as many people as possible to enable us to develop proposals that will be acceptable to a majority of electors."

A new Electoral Commission website has also been launched at:


  1. I have just published part 2 of the Verita Report concerning a Committee of Inquiry into decades of Child Abuse.

    It can be read here

    These are the Terms of Reference


  2. Love the art - both images! Very relevant.


  3. My Gift.

    If I could talk in pictures, even the Bailhache Bros would like me :)

  4. On his newest blog posting, Professor Tony nicely states, "The rot set in with the electoral commission, which was fatally compromised by putting it in the hands of States members who then decided who would be the non-States members."