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Friday, 13 April 2012

"Trust Jersey To Invite A Rapist Over"

Mike Tyson visit cancelled

NEXT we will be inviting Gary Glitter over to do a talk on Child Protection!!!

Fans of Mike Tyson in Jersey have been left disappointed because an event partly in aid of charity with him, scheduled for next week, has been cancelled.

The former boxer has pulled out of the evening at the Hotel de France - which included an audience Q and A session - due to 'unforseen circumstances'.

Islanders who have paid up to £150 for a ticket will be refunded.

CWH Promotions were putting on a dinner and chat at the St Helier hotel with the one-time world heavyweight champion. 

NEXT we will be inviting Gary Glitter over to do a talk on child protection!!! 


  1. Ian.

    To put the difference of Guernsey and Jersey into perspective. Guernsey has a local newspaper that campaigns for victims/survivors of CHILD ABUSE and Jersey doesn't.

    Guernsey attracts a Hollywood superstar filming (going to film) a major movie over there. Can't remember the name of the film, but it's something to do with potato skins I think.

    Jersey attracts a convicted serial rapist!...................Chances are, even he doesn't want to be associated with this island, in case it damages his reputation so cancelled!!

  2. PMSL, but spot on VFC, it really isn't that funny is it?

  3. Ian.

    Not sure if you watched much of the UK election broadcast but one of the televised debates between Nick Clegg, Gordon Brown and David Cameron heard Gordon Brown saying, multiple times, "I agree with Nick" (Clegg). Basically knowing that Clegg would be the "king maker."

    How many times recently have we heard our Ministers say "this is something we could work together on with Guernsey?"

    Guernsey, if they had any sense, would be saying "not a hope in hell we are going to be tarred with your brush thank you very much!"

  4. why oh why would the J.E.P get behind such an event...what doe it say about Jersey...Lets have a well known black rapist as a feted's only a short while ago "Nick Leeson" who brought down Barings Bank one of the oldest established banks..on it's knees in shame...and what to the idiots who run this place do....Pamper him as guest of honour speaker at The L'Horizon....champers and Guzzle....dressed in thoir finery they sat and listened to how he Fucked the bank for Millions....perhaps O.J.Simpson would stand in for him at short notice....bloody hell.

  5. frank walker is no saint but he was and still is running the island

  6. Why not have a black serial rapist in Jersey? After all, Jersey is a multi, multicultural society isn't it! We have Polish and portuguese mass murderes, child abuser's from all over, so why not a Blck Rapist? So come on guy's lets not be racist!