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Thursday, 19 April 2012

"The States Have Nothing To Do With Family Values!!!"

Family and community values could feature in States policy

The panel is chaired by St Peter Deputy Kristina Moore
The panel is chaired by St Peter Deputy Kristina Moore

THE States must work harder to promote family and community values in order to develop a strong society, according to a Scrutiny panel.

The Health, Social Security and Housing Scrutiny panel believes that more needs to be done to promote equal opportunities, social cohesion and supporting vulnerable children and families.

It now wants a seventh priority to be added to the Strategic Plan, which sets out States policy for the next three years and is due to be debated next month, to reflect that need.

If adopted, the panel’s amendment lodged this week would mean that the priority ‘promoting family and community values’ would feature alongside six others as key aims for the government over the next three years.


  1. Holy Bovine Ruminant, she's aged a bit!
    Just shows what the power of makeup and studio lighting can do for a gal!

    (that pic of the lovely Tracey the other day wasn't very flattering either!)

  2. This one was groomed by you get a yes from her for whatever he wants...right in his pocket .....No credibility whatsoever same as the Baker kid,who could believe in them....integrity Nil.

  3. Nice of the J E P not to post my observation that the photo makes her look 20 years older than in her election material.

  4. I don't think slagging a woman off for not looking stunning is really that meritorious of a headline....