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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

"Shafted Again - Thanks Bozo"

Jersey's cost of living rose by 4.7% in 12 months


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The cost of living in Jersey rose by 4.7% over the past year, according to official figures.

The growing costs of motoring, food and housing added to the rise in RPI with food prices up by an average of 6% over the past year.

Petrol prices also increased and according to the Statistics Unit there was a rise in the cost of car insurance.
In contrast, fares and other travel costs fell by 2% over the 12 months.

Breakfast cereals, cheese, processed meats, cooking oils and fats were the most expensive things to buy. Fresh food, vegetables and eggs were slightly cheaper.

Costs for rent or mortgages, rates and maintenance of homes led to an overall rises in housing costs of 4%.
Duncan Gibault, States Statistician, said putting the Goods and Services Tax up to 5% in June also made life more expensive.

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