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Friday, 27 April 2012

Scrutiny to hear police case for use of Tasers

States police chief Mike Bowron
States police chief Mike Bowron

AT a Scrutiny hearing today, States police chief Mike Bowron will argue that his officers should be armed with Tasers.

Mr Bowron is due to appear at a hearing before the Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel this afternoon to make the case for issuing Taser stun guns to his officers.

The panel, chaired by Deputy Jeremy Ma├žon, has already had 400 responses from members of the public – an unusually big response for a Scrutiny review.

Also due before them today were the Jersey Human Rights Group and The Jersey Police Association, both of whom were giving their evidence this morning.


  1. I attended the meeting with Bowron and co and I can honestly say that we are fucked unless we stand up and say no to the growing police state.

    The 'evidence' they provided was either irrelevant, extremely biased, or just made up.

    We can start by filling out the scrutiny survey here;

  2. Ian.

    In one breath the police are telling us that Jersey is one of the safest places in the world, in the next breath they are telling us they need Tasers. Typical Jersey logic!

    On another note.

    Rico will be live and interactive tomorrow night (Sunday 29th April at 7pm BST). He will be discussing a number of issues concerning Jersey and interacting with the online audience. The broadcast will be, up to, an hour in duration and can be found HERE

  3. The Taser debate reminds me of the photograph taken during the Minden Place "riot" a couple of years ago of a policeman using his CS spray. The police had undertaken previously a media PR programme of how well trained the officers were going to be and in the procedure of how it was to be used against violent people.

    And then we end up with a picture of a 'Mark One' Plod spraying CS spray into the face of a man who had his back to the copper whilst speaking on a mobile phone...

    One fears that a similar issue will occur with tasers.

    The Beano is not the rag

  4. Beano

    I remember the picture very well, nothing has changed except probably got worse.

    Under Bowron, from my knowledge the corruption is escalating and so are fine related charges. Police are more and more out of control and covering things up like there is no tomorrow.

  5. A valid point to consider is the unrecognised misuse of tasters by the police. Especially so when we see the many recorded incidents of a taser being used as an instrument for exacting torturous revenge when put into the hands of an abusive police officer. 

Unfortunately, the current power hungry Police chief, who doesn’t know the difference between a Statute and Law or what is legal from what is Lawful, should be considered as no more than a very dangerous imported agent of change that has been parachuted into our Island society – he works for the elite Banksters and 'periwiged' criminals operating between Fleet Street and the Thames Embankment who wish to ensure that we are brought into line and controlled in Jersey by a fully functioning established Police State. 

And what is really sad about this matter, is the fact that this psychopathic request for tasers is supported and overseen by an outright moronic mealy mouthed Minister who stood up in the States of Jersey Assembly (9/12/09) and declared that it was perfectly alright for the police to break the Law! – and not one of our other elected representatives even noticed or had the intelligence to say anything to correct this imbecile.

More than 500 recorded deaths have been attributed to the use of Tasers, not to mention the many recorded and ‘unrecorded’ incidents of flat out abuse by police officers when armed and empowered with such. just think about it for a moment – tasters in the hands of our local keystone cops, you know, the like of those overpaid idiots that bugged a car in France without a French warrant and then tried to enter illegally obtained evidence into the Royal Court!

But of course these power hungry legal psychopaths will argue before the Women’s Institute, as evidenced the other evening in St Peter, saying that the police need all these extra powers and wepons in order to keep us safe and free. But, free from what? Oh, the terrorist boogyman of course.

These kind of policemen actually love to see petty crime flourish and turned into and reported in the bought off media as major life threatening incidences solely in order to frighten the struggling taxpayer into giving them a bigger budget and more power to intrude upon our inherent freedoms. 


When you see evil, confront it! Force it out into the light, less it lie undisturbed until it can stealthily attack you in the dark where none will see or come to your aid, until it is too late!

Just in case these psychopaths who are trying to introduce tasters and God knows what else into our relativity quiet community, ever gets to read this far, let them consider this, that there are still many native Jerseymen alive on this Island who can see right through an imported, UK carpetbagger driven agenda when they see one, and believe me they certainly saw this one the day it arrived!

But more importantly and before anyone gets too carried away and side tracked on the topic of Tasers, let’s first have a talk about a wholly independent, publicly elected, Police Oversight Commission with full subpoena powers to investigate and hold accountable all police activities and procedures, including ongoing investigations – we need protection from the protectors!


Red Lion