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Monday, 23 April 2012

"Parking Fine Criminals Still Persecuting The People"

St Helier honoraries hand out extra £25,000 in fines in 2011

Fluff Ball, and Establishment robot, Vingtenier Mitch Couriard,
who helped to compile the report whilst sucking Government Hoop.
Probably why his kipper is caked in Jersey shyte!

ST HELIER honorary police handed out nearly £25,000 more in fines last year than in 2010 – an increase of about 60 per cent.

According to the annual St Helier Honorary Policing Report, the parish collected £61,825 in fines in 2011 compared to £37,555 the previous year.

The number of people attending parish hall inquiry increased by 33 per cent to 2,529 Islanders, including 213 youths.

Vingtenier Mitch Couriard, who helped to compile the report, said that crackdowns on behaviour in the town centre and motoring offences had contributed to the increase in people ordered to attend a parish hall inquiry.

It's Christmas again for St Helier Fraudsters!

Slyman Crowcroft, loser, and traitor to the people.
And failed stand-in Father Christmas and repugnant coward.
Tough Shit Slyman, you had a choice, and you made the wrong one.
In the words of your corrupted mate...."So Be It" :)

Dan-evil Scaife, sponsor of child abuse, and utter tosser.
The twat that refused to charge the child-abusing Bonner's
on the say so of???
This is a competition now! For those few who have been paying any attention!!!

Having looked at the figures banded about here, I cannot help but read in utter disbelief, the horseshit the J.E.P put out on behalf of the Government Twots!!!

When in court a few weeks ago, as we were today, our little Common Law crew witnessed just one of the courts victims of fraud cough up nearly a Grand in parking tickets.

They must have creamed in about three grand in the short time we were there. And those are just the small few that went to court, most pooping their pants and paying up at the Parish Hall to avoid
(the threat of violence)

They must get their figures from the same place they get their "Laws"

Anyone wishing to witness the fraud first hand, please attend 


this Friday at
where Cyril the S....... will be contesting one of their, err, tick-ets!!!

"Cyril The Sq******"

Sorry Squirrel, couldn't resist my friend, kick ass buddy


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