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Thursday, 19 April 2012

"Ozo The Bozo Off On Another Jolly"

Treasury Minister to visit Middle East

Jersey's Treasury Minister is off to the Middle East next week.

Senator Philip Ozouf's four day trip is mainly to forge stronger financial links with the region.

But, the British Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates has also asked the politician to speak at a reception to mark the Queen's diamond jubilee.

Senator Ozouf said: " Boosting Jersey business and creating jobs is the key priority of the Council of Ministers and joint efforts to forge diplomatic and commercial relationships that support growth are our focus this year.

"The UAE is an extremely important market for Jerseys finance industry and these invitations are an indication of the strong relationships that Jersey has built. This is a positive opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to business in the region and to support the celebration of the Queens Diamond Jubilee."


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  2. Ahab the Arab,"so what you think of this old queen Philly" ...How do you know I know about such things Ahab....?...Facebook Philly.....we see what you do in your spare time and although not officially sanctioned we too are not averse to a bit of annis Horribilus.