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Thursday, 26 April 2012

"More States Failure On Child Welfare"

Jersey States is 'failing' disabled children report finds

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The report found the Jersey respite care system was suffering from under investment

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The States is failing vulnerable families who are struggling to care for their disabled children in Jersey, according to a report.
A review by a government panel into respite care for young people found the services were not good enough.
Deputy Kristina Moore, from the review panel, said in some cases children had been sent to the UK because Jersey could not provide for them.
Health Minister Deputy Anne Pryke said she was studying the findings.
She said: "Until we have had an opportunity to consider the findings and recommendations in full we are unable to comment on the detail of the report.
"While the Scrutiny Panel limited itself to a review of services for children and young adults, we will also be taking into consideration the feedback received directly from adults with special needs who use our day services.
"These services provide activities and care for the clients in addition to respite for their families."
'under investment' Deputy Moore said they found because of poor planning and under investment the services were not coping with demand.
She said some respite services were so unpredictable they had caused stress and families to break down.
The report from the States scrutiny panel said: "We have failed to care for a section of society that is in most urgent need of protection.
"We have neglected our responsibility to invest in services and structures that help families stay together under the immense pressures of full-time care."
The review also found respite homes were often being used inappropriately for emergency care.
It also found that although they were designed for short stays, they were being relied on for long-term care.
Deputy Moore said that this meant families who needed occasional breaks from the pressures of caring for a disabled child could not be guaranteed the help they needed.
The report had not found any problems with the level of care provided by staff.

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