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Saturday, 28 April 2012

"Fruitcake Le Marquand Goes Completely Hatstand!!!"

Taser guns right for Jersey, says Home Affairs Minister

The electrical weapons are used to subdue violent suspects

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Taser guns should be used by police in Jersey despite the risk of causing injuries, the island's Home Affairs Minister has said.
Speaking at a public hearing, Ian Le Marquand said he accepted the guns, which affect muscle control, could lead to suspects falling over.
Despite this, he added the Taser guns were right for the island.
A review by the Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel is investigating whether the guns should be introduced.
Earlier this month, about 200 people were questioned and 60% said they would not trust the States of Jersey Police to use Tasers responsibly.
The survey, which is still continuing, is part of the review.
It is considering when Tasers might be used in Jersey, the alternatives, the human rights issues, the costs involved and police training.
The electrical weapons are used to subdue violent suspects.

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  1. Taster is perfect and should be issued to all the Police on our streets.
    Only low life scum bags should fear it as they are going to be the ones on the receiving end of them. Normal law abiding citizens don't need to worry about Taser or CS spray, od batons.
    £32,000 is probably less than some scum bags get in benefits anyway so that makes Taser very cheap.

  2. A "Taster" I guess that little irony might well be wasted on you..? a taste of Totalitarian Govt, an instrument to keep ordinary overtaxed citizens from resisting the Govt. Mercenaries...sorry cops...or was I right first time.."Mer cen ary" one who hires out for money,avaricious,unscrupulous,venal,corrupt,grasping...Thank you Thesaurus.

  3. no one has ever been shot lets see how many get taserd