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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

"Jersey Government Forced by Bloggers To Divulge Damning Report"

Funny how the J.E.P and Cover-up TV always try to grab the limelight when something beneficial to the well being of the common people is revealed!

Lets make NO MISTAKE here, the only reason that any corruption, incompetence, or outright criminality ever makes it into the public domain is simply because

No doubt the "Filthy Rag" & "Cover-up TV" will be
buying themselves another of those expensive awards on the back of this

Jersey Bloggers List


Reluctantly Released Today!!!


A damning report into safety standards at Jersey's General Hospital has finally been made public.

The Aitkenhead Report was commissioned following the death of a patient, 75-year-old Joseph Vasse, following a routine hernia operation.

The existence of the publication has been known about for a month, but authorities have always said the law prevented them from releasing it.

Today, health bosses say the report was just a snapshot in time, and things have since improved.

Professor Aitkenhead found:

- Safety is below England's minimum standards.
- Risk management is eight years behind the UK.
- Five doctors are under-performing.

Professor Alan Aitkenhead said: "Jersey General Hospital is a small general hospital.
"It undertakes relatively minor procedures because major procedures tend to be exported to the mainland.
"It has fewer medical staff than hospital in the United Kingdom and less management resources than hospitals in the United Kingdom and all of these things have tended to make things rather slower then than has happened in hospitals on the mainland."

He also found:

- Doctors have no financial incentive to improve themselves.
- Staff believe there is political and media pressure not to suspend doctors after serious incidents.
- The man in charge is on a temporary contract, with no obvious successor waiting in the wings.

Professor Aitkenhead's first report was carried out last summer.
He also did a follow up last month. And he spotted signs of improvement.

The need for clinical governance has been recognised.

He says safety standards are improving.

But he is sticking by one of his overriding arguments that doctors need appraisals.

Today hospital bosses had their say.

Clinical director Dr Andrew Luksza said: "Not that long ago we had doctors on restricted practise, so we had picked up concerns, and now there are no doctors on restrictive practise so we've taken action and the situation has improved."

Hospital Director Andrew McLaughlin said: "Jersey General Hospital is the safest hospital in Jersey and always has been.
"It's now better than ever and we carry on trying to make it as good as we can be.
"We have fantastic staff.
"They're completely commited to what they do and they deliver a quality of care that exceeds that I've seen in hospitals across the UK."

For weeks the focus has been on getting this report published.

Now it is out in the open, the pressure is on for health bosses to prove to islanders that they have learned lessons and that the hospital is safe.


  1. Bloggers are leaving them in the dust. Change is frustratingly slow but you can see by the comments the Rag allows through, there is a noticeable improvement. All credit due to the Jersey bloggers.

  2. If it wasn't for the Jersey bloggers the state media wouldn't be reporting half the stuff they are.

  3. Ian, bloggers are fast becoming the mainstream in Jersey.

  4. The poor, sad, inadequate Jon just can't seem to get an insult published anymore!

    Awwe, bless :)

  5. Strange how no one in the video from jersey says anything to the contrary in regard to Mr Aitkenhead's report?

  6. The bloggers are becoming mainstream for the readers looking for facts, evidence, truth, and common sense, anyway. It forces the old feudalist state media to adapt, but they won't ever going to catch up at the rate they are going. They allow some fair comments through, but they still avoid covering or even mentioning the biggest and most controversial stories in Jersey, the stories related to facts Jersey bloggers are currently exposing. At least the State media are no longer sprouting as many lies about Lenny harper, Operation Blast, Matt Tapp, the MET Interim Report, Graham Power's suspension, coconuts with collagen, and on and on... Lies - should we bother to list them all?

  7. Could we list them all???

    It would take volumes just to cover the last four years of corruption....

  8. Jon

    Even though you have a clean nappy on now, because of all your crap in the last three weeks, I am not letting "ANY" of your mindless garbage through. Or any of Adrian's.

    So, you might just as well start screaming abuse and insults again.

    Mind you, it was nice to control your wretched orifice for a while, amazing how the abuse stops when you become so desperate to get a post published on my 'crappy' blog.

    Weak jon, WEAK!!!

  9. My name is Rob I am a painter and decorater, being older and slower I stepped off a curb, and badly hurt my ankle. Two days later i was still in pain because and I wanted it exraying. The family Doc cannot do that. I told the boss the score, and he said off you go. I waited in accident and emergency even though they were hardly sodden busy for 6 hours. Then had to argue to get an xray. I read today that the health suvice is getting better. For what the bloody doctors in no rush to help people in A and E who pay there stamp. Sod off you bast..rds

  10. OK, THAT'S IT, let's sort out this one lingering matter once and for all TrollBot.

    I know it is designed to create friction amongst my community of bloggers as far as you are concerned, I know that, but I'm going with it anyhoo, OK!!! Some things need to be addressed....

    The reason none of my fellow bloggers have a link to my blogs is because they are afraid, even petrified, some actually have homes to lose. They have no understanding of the law, I mean REAL LAW, so cannot defend themselves when threatened by Oligarchy Fuckwits.

    They themselves, whilst doing their very best for democracy in Jersey, and far more than the twats who kinda 'attempt' to support them by donating just one lame-assed comment a week, fail to see that all their efforts are going to come to nothing without people like me.

    People who don't give a fucking shit about the consequences of their actions are always gonna make the corporate clowns shyte their pants, simply because they are not afraid!!!

    Owning anything that is registered, is in fact, a liability to the man who fights for honourable causes, simply because it can be taken away by threat and violence from policemen and court officials. The registered owner bows down to authority for fear of losing everything he/she has ever worked for, or that that he/she has contrived to do the very best for his/her family, and simply because he, or she, is not educated in the ways of "The Great Deception"....The next link is a PRIME EXAMPLE.

    Justice in Jersey will only ever be achieved by men like myself, Cyril, and Stuart Syvret. And simply because we don't fucking care about the consequences of our honourable actions!!! Trevor and Shonna have recently been fucked over by the Oligarchy lawyers, what is the betting some government asshole has had a chat and given them the chance to keep their home if they shut their fuckin mouths from now on, and furthermore, promise to keep it that way???

    That, is "THE JERSEY WAY" my friends, and until we rise above their threats, so shall it continue....

    And Trollbot, if you ever bring this subject up again, I WILL hunt you down, coz, I don't give a shit!!!

    With respect to all my fellow bloggers who are on the right side....and to those who are afraid of the consequences

    "The wild boar runs from the tiger, knowing that each be well-armed by nature with deadly strength, may kill the other. Running, he saves his own life and that of the tiger. This is not cowardice. It is the love of life."

  11. The way I see it?....Pay for nothing....go to court....fuck'em :)

  12. However you see it, is your choice, and your choice is to be honoured also.... :)

  13. Jon the Roman....Alias, "Pissicus Pantacus" still can't get a comment through, and by George, it was a comment about Trevor & Shona.

    Apparently, Trev & Shona are giving up on their condemnation of the States of Jersey in order to keep their home!!!


  14. So do we think this is the original unexpurgated version....and if so what was the secrecy about any ideas welcome please