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Saturday, 28 April 2012

"It's Not Jon....IS IT? - LOL :)"

Accused on benefits drank 16 pints

A MAN on income support who drank 16 pints the day before his probation interview has been warned about wasting taxpayers’ money.

During the sentencing of the 52-year-old for making 12 obscene and threatening phone calls to police and being disorderly in a pub, Relief Magistrate Peter Harris said that most people would find it ‘offensive’ that the taxpayer was funding his drinking.

Mr Harris, who sentenced the man to six months’ probation and fined him £400, said: ‘The events on 4 March, while it may be in connection with a chain of events, only happened because of your excessive drinking of alcohol.

‘You are a mature man. I note that you are seeking employment and have some part-time work.Given it is the taxpayer currently funding your drinking it is something which most people would find offensive.’


  1. Hate to say this Ian but Jesus where did you get that picture, if you have met Jon Howarth, that really could be him. The body is the same shape.

    Normally though he is right way up, sitting down throwing larger down his throat looking at his iphone thinking up ways to upset decent people later. which is exactly what he will do by emailing unless he passes out quickly when he gets home.

  2. Never met the deficient one, but seen him a couple of days ago in his flat! How might that be you might ask? Hmmm,


  3. Whats that building company that always gives peeps the Horn?

  4. Peter Harris hey?

    Cover-up merchant, oligarchy slave, and born fuckin loser.

    Has a conscience, but not much of one, will do as he is told every day of his miserable existence whilst wishing he had the strength to break the chains of his bonds, and masters....Grade A pussy!!!

    King Birt's bum boy :)

    I know, I got the evidence....

  5. Barbara Myles, La Blinerie, Rue De La Blinerie, (funny enough) St SAVIOURS!!! knower of the truth, yet hider of the truth, even in her outrage and disgust, and after her stroke when she had nothing to lose by being an honourable woman and telling what she knew about the doctoring of trial tapes that went on in the mid 90's!!!

    Barbara, I know and understand your cowardice, you were hooked to the system, and profiting beautifully by it.

    As your death looms ever nearer, do you not feel it at least 'adequate' to reveal what the both of us know? As I, you are fully aware the States of Jersey Judicial greffe....Ian Le Marquand, was doctoring trial tapes before they were sent to the mainland for transcription!!!

    You sat opposite my cell four days before I was released, telling me to forget it and get on with my life....And I knew at that moment, it was written in your eyes, you knew the deception that had been perpetrated against myself and many others....YET YOU DID NOTHING!!!

    Barbara Myles, I still hold fast to belief that you will spill the beans before you die, I cannot believe you could take such a secret as this to the grave without breaking your heart, it just isn't you Lady....

  6. Yours' respectfully and faithfully Madam....

    Ian (turned over) Evans

  7. It's no wonder the Police are receiving regular complaints about your behaviour Ian.

  8. I couldn't give a rats ass about our bent police, our bent judges, or our bent lawyers and politico' save your lame-assed comments for someone who actually gives a shit :)

  9. Well when a man's got a thirst,and the income supports already been drunk.....last resort..Puddle snorting...not quite the same Buzz as coke and a bit grainy due to the road dirt....but clearly turns him on.

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