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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

"Hope For Lost Children"

App will help find missing children

Their faces are now instantly recognisable to millions around the world - missing and abducted children whose images are imprinted in our minds.

But what if we had have known these faces as soon as they had disappeared - would there have been a different outcome?

One Jersey businessman believes so.

He has invented a mobile phone app designed to help find missing kids.

Stephen Fern says the concept is simple.

If you lose your child you send an alert to people who have the Lost Kidz app.

Mr Fern said: "When I press that button, everyone within about a square kilometre will actually receive that alert with a photograph of the child and a description.
"Basically if they have the child in front of them they can phone me directly or if they've got information that maybe they've seen the child or seen the child in a car or with somebody else they can text that information to me."

A child going missing can be a parent's worst nightmare and many think using technology nearly all of us have access to would really help.

But some are wary. They have concerns that paedophiles could take advantage of the system.

While Mr Fern admits that is a possibility, he insists we are far better off with the app than without it.

Mr Fern said: "Without the app, that predator can act completely unhindered and unchallenged as they did in the Jamie Bulger case and walk away with your child and nobody even knows that your child is missing.
"With the app, you're pressing the button and you're bringing together the hundreds if not thousands of good people there are in every society who are now on your side."

Mr Fern says this is the first app of its kind.

He is planning to launch it in the US early next month.


  1. Good job, Mr Fern. I don't think this would place children at additional risk. As a parent, I would want to have this available. A would-be kidnapper is not going to walk into the scene of a very public child search, not knowing if the missing child was kidnapped or merely lost, and whether or not he would be caught in a police net. Besides, statistics show those monsters usually take the most vulnerable children they already are acquainted with. This ap could help children missing for any reason, before it's too late.


  2. What a wonderful idea, well done Mr Fern!

  3. This app sounds really good except I don't like the idea of implanting a microchip under my children's skin. I would "absolutely" microchip my children to keep them safe says Stephen Fern, who runs the company Lost Kidz. This quote is taken from