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Thursday, 12 April 2012

"God Almighty!!! - Crackpot Jersey"

‘Face of Jesus’ found in St Saviour field

‘Face of Jesus’ found in St Saviour field

ISLANDERS have been left baffled by the mysterious discovery of a life-sized head of Jesus found in a field just before Easter.

Days before Christians celebrated his rise from the dead at the weekend, a physical likeness of Jesus was found off Rue du Tapon, in St Saviour.

Centenier Louise Noel retrieved the bronze bust from a hedge last week after parishioners walking in the area contacted the honorary police.

She said: ‘I told everyone that I’d found Jesus and they thought I’d gone quite religious but I said “No, no he’s literally in lost property in the office”.’


  1. Doesn't look very happy does he?

    Must have heard Mad-dog Bailhaches speech!

  2. Well at least He picked the appropriate parish to appear in !