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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

"Failures At The Horror Hospital Set To Be Swept Away"

Secret report into Hospital safety released next week?

The report will be published next week
The report will be published next week

A REPORT claiming that patient safety standards at the Hospital are years behind those in the UK could be released next week.

No decision on whether to publish the Aitkenhead report will be made until Attorney General Tim Le Cocq is back from holiday.

The existence of the report was revealed during the inquest into the death of 75-year-old Joseph Vasse this week. Mr Vasse died a week after an operation performed by a surgeon who had been concealing from his colleagues the fact that he had cataracts

The Attorney General commissioned the Aitkenhead report after deciding not to prosecute the surgeon – Narendra Pal – in relation to Mr Vasse’s death.


  1. Half blind surgeon who kept his secret hidden has done nowt wrong!!!

    Attorney General Tim Le Cocq will not prosecute this lunatic and Mr Vasse's death is unaccountable!!!

    Bloody priceless!!!

  2. The role of the Viscount/ Judicial Greffier's Department and the limited scope of the whole inquest process will have to be looked at very soon.
    It becomes ever more apparent that the long stop tribunal which should be flagging up problems - especially when deaths occur in odd circumstances - is not delivering.
    Where the faults lie needs to be considered by yet another examination and more reports - but decades of neglect are building up in ALL government and administrative departments.

    Inquest procedures in other jurisdictions have been subjected to similar calls for reform. WE can hardly expect Jersey's feudal based institutions to be alert to international standards where the public interest has less status than keping things discreetly under wraps. Something will have to change here but calls for such independent reports to be made available run contrary to all the beliefs and standards applied by the various residual Crown officers.

    Reform can only come through a political process but it seems that even this does not exist in Jersey.

  3. So true anon, but I fear Hades will freeze over before our disgusting cabal will ever properly look into these needless deaths, and even longer before any justice is achieved on behalf of Jerseys victims of government incompetence and corruption....

  4. Indeed anon, and victims of government corruption and incompetence will continue to die needlessly until someone in the States has the bottle to bring issues to the proper authorities....But will we live long enough to see it?

  5. hahaha, surprise surprise, they are screwing with my computer again :)

  6. Secret....why this an MI5 or CIA situation or our haven of healing..or killing, depends who's on duty....£800,000 in pay to a surgeon for doing nothing after someone died on his watch...then retires home free with nearly a million....and then there's Andrew Mitchel a good bloke and heart man who has apparently been asking for a locum to cover his holidays for one rightly he went on holiday effectively leaving us without the right expertise..not his fault he had given plenty of an administrator on big money made that neglectful decision....and on and on and on....there are some good doctors and staff....all badly let down by Bean counters most of whom are not needed...clearly.