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Sunday, 1 April 2012

"Death is Just a Heartbeat Away."

The consequences of Jersey corruption.


As I am sure you will come to realise when you read through this posting, there are prices to be paid for fighting for justice in Jersey.
Going against the Jersey oligarchy can sometimes be a thankless task, and a rather inconvenient one at that. Myself being stitched up, beaten up, thrown in jail, evidence doctored, lied to, cheated by judges & lawyers.

Then we look at the treatment meted out to Stuart Syvret!
Fined, jailed, oppressed, bankrupted, career destroyed, left with nothing but a few friends & a conscience to be admired.

VFC has also taken his own personal beatings, along with Tom Gruchy, who have done nothing but fight for justice and democracy in this beautiful but despotic little enclave.

Then we have Rico Sorda & Trevor Pitman one can only wonder what fate awaits their efforts on behalf of the Abuse survivors and democracy in Jersey.

Whatever may happen to any of the above named heroes of Jersey, they will never silence any of us, and we will keep fighting to the very end for the abuse survivors, the oppressed, the cheated, the beaten, and for those who didn't make it!

I find it rather uplifting writing this posting, especially after considering my present circumstances which will become apparent on reading to the end.

I have suffered for 23 years "The Jersey Way."

The blatant arrogance & bullying that precedes the trumped up charges, the collusion between Police statements and the inevitable perjury in Jerseys bent and buckled Courtrooms.

The very latest of these oppressions being the unlawful Police raid on my home 23 days ago when the belongings in the house were ransacked & stolen without a warrant or any independent witness.

All this time later and my mobile phone has still not been returned to me, I compromised, willing to settle for just the sim-card so I could carry on my lawful business of fitting carpets. The sim-card was of no use to the Police whatsoever, no oppressive value other than it could be withheld simply to inconvenience me and restrict my trade (which incidentally is) one of the worst crimes in commerce.

The Police knew I was broke, they knew I was struggling with bills yet they commit the most spiteful act they can, stealing my one source of obtaining work .... Furthermore, because of the raid, my housemate, of two years, and very good friend, handed in her notice the next day leaving me with a weekly rent bill of £280,  who can blame her?

Also that week, inexplicably, I had my bank overdraft terminated & lost a rather large job to competition who usually charge twice as much as I do for carpet fitting!

The Jersey Way works by oppressing people, imprisonment, fines, threats of intimidation, bullying, even the spiteful & childish antics of withholding a sim-card are not beyond their sheer nastiness.

Yes, they have worn me down over the years, just as they have Stuart, and the abuse survivors, it's what they do, it's how they have done it for 800 years to get their own way.

All the oligarchy victims have paid, and resilient as I am, I have now paid also.

So I would like to take this opportunity to thank our oligarchy players.

I thank every Policeman who ever perjured themselves, lied in a statement, doctored evidence, beat me. To every bent Judge who sat there playing a 'tin god' whilst committing fraud on the court and robbing the people they swore a common law oath to protect. I thank every lawyer that stabbed me in the back, passed information on to the prosecution, and lied to me , charging the earth for the privilege. I thank the Judicial Greffes for all the trial tapes they have doctored and all the law officers for the scores of child abusers they have let loose uncharged. Not forgetting the Bailhaches' and Birts of this world, without whose criminality & duplicity, these crimes could never have taken place, and lastly all those Lieutenant Governors who simply turned a blind eye.  

I am writing this posting from my hospital bed in the "Emergency Assessment Unit" where I have been since Friday morning after my "Heart Attack"! I am flying out to Oxford today for more treatment, not knowing what the outcome may be. Having no fear of death, the outcome really matters not. What does matter however, is that the readers & supporters of the Jersey blogs continue to grow and speak out against this disgusting regime of Nazis.

It is now time to see what our latest Lieutenant Governor is made of? Time to  get focused & put all these complaints into one huge bundle.

I would very much like to take this opportunity to thank our underpaid nurses who have undertaken the admirable task of caring for their fellow man with great compassion & expertise,  a wonderful collection of dedicated people, and for the people.

I very much hope I will be posting again next week. The oligarchy has successfully worn me down, but have failed to finish me off, that shall be their undoing!

"If the single man plant himself
Indomitably on his instincts, and there
abide, the huge world will come round
 to him"

P.S.  I wonder, now that I am a heart attack victim who must deem it vital to have some form of communication, will the 'authorities' still insist on withholding my phone?  


  1. Shit, Ian sorry to hear about your health.
    Hope you/they manage to get it sorted!



  2. sorry to hear you not well ian .i wish you a speedy recovery ,too much stress ,maybe take a bit of time out and think of yourself first so you can fight another day .get well soon m8 we will all be thinking about you .

  3. last post was from me e,o,m,f ,get well soon m8

  4. Hi Ian sorry to hear about your heart attack and recent consequence you have had to pay for your up front honesty, I hope things start to get better for you.

    Deepest respects.

  5. ian i wish you all the best in the days ahead and hope you have a speedy recovery kind regards martin

  6. Get Well Soon Ian

  7. May I respectfully suggest that you post a temporary pay as you go number on here when you are better you'll have some clients to catch up with.......= £££......and you may review the wisdom or not of the dreaded fags....You're a strong lad you'll pull through.

  8. Best of luck Ian, You will get the best of treatment,all the stress given to you, and what you bring on, does not help!!!!!!!

  9. get well soon ian, you helped me once when i needed it, thankyou hope you pull through xxx

  10. Get well soon Ian, wishing you a speedy recovery, Richard & Debs

  11. Healing thoughts and prayers are sent to you Ian for a speedy recovery, Angela

  12. So sorry to hear this Ian..... Thoughts are with u... Keep strong... xx Too many people rely on you :) xx

  13. We have our differences Ian, but you should not have been put through the unwarranted stress that the police have landed on you, either now or previously.

    I wish you a very speedy recovery.

  14. Its you own stupidity for following Syvret.

  15. To the sub human cretin who left the last message

    crawl back underneath your anonymous stone, hero


  16. Ian, good luck mate, hope you will be back on your feet real soon and continue to be a thorn in the side of those who deserve it, take care, Ozzy

  17. Cyril he is silly for taking so much notice of people like Syvret and Pitman because where has it got him, even ignoring the heart attack, apart from down the Police Station?

  18. "Its you own stupidity for following Syvret."


    Anon, if your brains were watermellons, you wouldn't have enough seeds to fill a Fu*king thimble :)

    As Cyril stated, back under your stone, "HERO"....

  19. Many thanks to everyone for their wellwishes and sincere comments regarding my wellbeing, you guys make me proud.

    I will have a new post up within the hour, it is going to make very interesting reading.

    See you all shortly :)

  20.'re a f****** hypocrit! How dare you refuse to pay your taxes yet use our taxes to aid your recovery in jersey and the uk. Being the 'fine, upstanding' individual that you are, you should have turned down all offers of medication as a non taxpayer and instead lay on the ground a rot as that's all you deserve! What a shame you've pulled through.

  21. Your corrupt Gods put me in this position, do you not think that the thousands upon thousands of pounds of unlawfully extracted fines I have paid over the decades are enough to pay for the life ruining treatment I have received?

    Indeed, if your regime was not so corrupt I would have received by now, hundred of thousands of pounds in compensation for THEIR crimes committed against ME....I COULD HAVE GONE PRIVATE :)

  22. "What a shame you've pulled through." Kind of easy to see why people across the globe are seeing Jersey in bad light with comments like that and for all to realise that this is an oligrach supporter, Say's it all.