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Thursday, 12 April 2012

"Common Law - Admiralty Law - And Your Straw Man" Part 18

Part 1

Before we start this posting, we would like the reader to know, and acknowledge, that anything in this posting is "NOT" Legal Advice, and should "NOT" be perceived as such. Everything written here is merely our own theory.

Please also note, that anyone using these tactics or copying what we have done here, "MUST" know how to defend themselves properly in a courtroom. Lawyer's and Judges have a wealth of knowledge and trickery to get you to consent to their codes of practice, thereby rendering you liable to their penalties after you have been coaxed into giving up your "Inalienable Rights".
"Common Law is the greatest protection anyone has against tyrannical Government and injustice. The States of Jersey have trampled the Law of the land into the dirt."
"The Great Deception"

Common Law Admiralty Law And Your Straw Man,
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Below is

"Bursting Bubbles Of Government Deception"

Robert is one of the founding fathers of the common law revival.
 His passion for this subject is virtually unrivaled and his studying meticulous in it's entirety.
This is the video that I first learned from, not an easy one to grasp at the first attempt but if you can understand after viewing the previous postings, this video will surely aid your understanding of
The Great Deception.

"People call Freemen ‘Freeloaders’ because we apparently do not pull our weight, or do what we are told, or pay what we are told, or think what we are told, without question like they do. However this world of ours is a function of all of us doing or not doing. It is a function of us following or not following our own conscience. It is a function of us standing with courage or bending to the will of others for convenience. The true ‘freeloaders’ are actually the ones who do not stand for their beliefs, but simply go along with others for fear of being ridiculed, mocked or hated. The true freeloader is the one who rejects their own conscience."

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