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Thursday, 29 March 2012

"Syvret Has Made His Own Glory Exposing Child Abuse"

Ex-minister makes bid for Olympic glory

Former Senator Stuart Syvret 
Former Senator Stuart Syvret
FORMER Senator Stuart Syvret has been provisionally selected to represent Jersey as an Olympic torchbearer.

The name of the ex-Health Minister, who was released from prison in December, appeared on the official London 2012 website yesterday after he was chosen by one of 12 regional selection panels around the British Isles.

However, organisers confirmed that he only has a conditional offer to carry the famous flame when it arrives in Jersey on 15 July as part of its relay around Britain.

As a result he will have to face a series of stringent criminal record and security checks before he can have his ‘moment to shine’, as the campaign to find torchbearers was branded.



  1. Hope he gets his hands on it!


  2. Jill Mandus said...

    placed on the rag but I don't think they will publish as this is the (Jersey Way)

    About time a decent human being gets some notice taken. instead of the corrupt political idiots the pretend they are running a democracy!

    This most likely wont get posted (As is the Jersey way) but it will be posted on all other Jersey blogs.

  3. what a load of bastards at the jep, they could,nt resist mentioning Stuart having been in prision.

  4. RE carring the torch,what a load of bastards at the jep, they could,nt resist mentioning Stuart having been in prison.

  5. I hope he gets it, he has been our torch, leading the child abuse campaign, I am proud of him!

  6. why is it not on the news ian ? hope it not a wind up .i think he deserves somthing like this for his hard work in jersey.