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Monday, 5 March 2012

"Swine Flu Sue Fills Us In On Cancer"

Cancer: The Island’s deadliest enemy

Medical Officer of Health Dr Susan Turnbull is among the health professionals leading the fight against cancer in Jersey

LEVELS of some of the deadliest forms of cancer are higher in Jersey than almost anywhere else in Britain.

Today – as part of a three-day series on the disease – the JEP can reveal that rates for almost all of the top-ten most common forms of cancer are higher than the average in the UK. Rates for the deadliest form of skin cancer – malignant melanoma – are the highest in Britain.

And levels of lung and head and neck cancers, which have a very low survival rate, are among the highest in the British Isles and similar to those seen in the deprived areas of northern England.

Below are a couple of methods of dealing with cancer
Which one would you opt for?


  1. Above is the frount page storey,all doom and gloom,and yet on page20 the headline reads Jersey could become health and wellbeing holiday spot!who writes this crap.

  2. Jersey's dealiest enemy is of cource Freedom of Speech, Truth and integrity.

  3. hee hee

    That will do it every time :)

  4. What do they expect after decades of toxic filth blowing around from the Bellozane chimney?
    And all the crap in the air settles on the fields, gets into the crops and we eat it.

  5. Both this woman and Ann Pryke are big lardy girls...hardly an advert for healthy living...which highlights the Jersey way never lead by example you may have to out in some effort...Fakes

  6. Will somebody please explain to me that why, Dr. Rosemary Geller Left her job as Minister of Health beause she had an allegedly "back back", she has a sitting down job for God`s sake, we all have a bad back!!
    She spent millions on the "swine flu" vaccination which was never used, and they could not even give away to Third World countries, was she sacked, and if she was, did she get a "Golden Handshake" was she one of the 11 people who did?
    Somebody must know something?????