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Monday, 5 March 2012

"Robbed Blind Again"

Broadband bills 30 times higher than UK

Politicians and businesses are campaigning to bring down the cost of broadband in Jersey.

Many islanders currently pay internet bills that are up to 30 times higher than the UK.

The internet providers say it costs more to get online here because of the difficulties of connecting an island to the world wide web.

According to Alan MacLean, Economic Development Minister, the island is losing its competitive edge.

He said: "Ultimately, we'll end up losing businesses that are currently located in the island, but more importantly the opportunity for driving business into Jersey - of which worldwide there is a lot of opportunity, we're going to lose those opportunities."


  1. Who pays the ferryman? 30 times higher than the UK perhaps it’s the stratocracy, Junta’s way of making Jersey folk pay for anything approaching the truth coming to the island. It kind of prices the poor, the victims and vulnerable of the internet.

  2. The wind of change is blowing....

  3. May those winds of change blow heavy in the corridoors of power in Jersey and extinguish and few Leading lights.