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Saturday, 3 March 2012

"Jimmy (slit your wrists) Perchard Just Can't Help Himself"

Ex-Senator: Ogley did a good job, so why go?

Ex-Senator: Ogley did a good job, so why go?

JERSEY’S top civil servant who was controversially paid £546,337.50 to leave his job was ‘dedicated, hard-working and professional’, the ex- politician who blew the whistle on the pay-off has said.

In an interview with the Jersey Evening Post today former Health Minister Jim Perchard describes ex-States chief executive Bill Ogley as ‘a good man for the job’.

But after this week’s news that Mr Ogley was paid the hefty ‘golden handshake’ when he left, Mr Perchard is now questioning the circumstances surrounding the departure.

‘The question now is why the urgency for him to go,’ he said. ‘Terry Le Sueur said he had no problem working with him and when I spent any time with him I thought he was very professional, very competent and very helpful to me as a minister and I had no problem with him.’


  1. Haahahha we even get a JIM PERCHARD FACTFILE.

    JEP ''Mr Perchard didn't always speak out.''
    Dont we know it.
    Family X
    reciprical health agreement
    swearing in the states
    telling someone to commit suicide.

    Mr Perchards defence of Mr. Walker in paying Golden handshake is ''unpleasant attacks''

    God help the child abuse victims.

    I have been wondering how the Jersey evening Post singing the praises of Jim Perchard last week in the State media would play out.

    Two page spread singing the praises of Mr. Ogley

  2. What a pratt perchard is,it looks as if he,s been out and buy 10 copies of the daily liar because he is featured in the centre page.what a knob.

  3. I laughed hard at the very first sentence of the rag article, where he opening admitted that things were often dodgy in the States and swept under the carpet, and he didn't speak out! What a numpty!!

  4. Jimmy jimmy what a massive tit !