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Saturday, 3 March 2012

"Jersey 'Justice' Ready To Strike Again!!!"

Waterfront: States sued for millions

IRISH developers are suing the States for millions over aborted plans to create a new St Helier business district.

Harcourt have taken their claim against the Jersey Development Company, a wholly States-owned agency responsible for developing public land, to the Royal Court after being dropped as preferred developers for the Esplanade Quarter.

Harcourt say that the JDC, which replaced the Waterfront Enterprise Board, owe them £6.9 million for the work they carried out before being ousted, including fees paid to architects, lawyers, PR professionals, engineers and States departments.

In response, the JDC said that all agreements between the parties were subject to the approval of the relevant minister and that they were not bound as argued by the alleged preliminary contract in relation to the proposed development.

It calls on the court to dismiss the Order of Justice and order that Harcourt should pay JDC’s legal costs.


  1. Ian can you provide a link to the blog posting you did on dumping and needing a licence.

    I have searched your blog and can't find the post you did.

    sorry to post here on this unconnected subject

  2. Dumping what?

    What license?

    Give us a clue!!!

    1. Maybe I am dreaming. I thought you wrote a blog on going to bellozanne and you were told you needed to fill in a form to dump refuse. La collette or bellozanne can not quite remember. It is to do with commercial vehicles not being allowed to be used unless you are registered as a business. Perhaps I read it somewhere else.

    2. Ah yes, I did mention it somewhere. That was La Collette, they wanted me to "register" with them to dump there and I refused to contract with them by filling in and signing their form. I still dump there and am not registered with them.

  3. Oh thanks Ian It is just my husband was going to loan a works van to dump a bed. We have been told this is not possible as it is a commercial vehicle. I can not fit bed in my little car. I remembered reading your blog and wanted to see if that would help me with my problem.

  4. A vehicle is only a commercial vehicle if it is being used in commerce, to make money. You are not making money by dumping a bed at a public dump, therefore you are within your rights to use any vehicle you wish to dump a bed :)

  5. You can use whatever vehicle you want but you are better off going to Bellozane to tip stuff. The only difference that happens up at Bellozane is if you are in a van/commercial vehicle you get directed to the place where anything gets dumped but if in a car you go to the household area where you are expected to split the contents between the necessary bins, i,e, wood in one metal in another and there is also a spot for things you want rid of but can be recycled/used by others. Its free and sunday morning is the best time to go as you dont have to wiegh in if you are in a van.

  6. Ian.

    North Korean style protocol not worth the paper it's WRITTEN ON

  7. Thanks but the person told me he went to bellozanne in a commercial vehicle and they said he has to have a permit to dump.

    thanks for help

  8. Ah right, yes, bellozanne is no longer taking commercial vehicles. you can dump at La Collette though.

  9. I stand corrected and sorry for the wrong info, I honestly thought I was right. Please accept my apology.

  10. As long as you got sorted :)

  11. Back to the point - what about Harcourt - Who are they, anyone know? No main company office? Nothing listed anywhere; can't find anything official - Just half a dozen names with an Irish connection to a couple of cell phone numbers? They couldn't come up with a simple 90K bond when asked to put the money where the big mouth was... just how did Jersey ever get mixed up with this lot? Something to do with an ethnic laundry perhaps - you know "No tickee, No washee?

  12. Harcourt...Dandara...and, Deerglen. Three Irish builders who penetrated the jersey market swiftly and mercilessly. How did they do it ?

    Look to the politicians, look into their Swiss bank accounts.

    Therein lies the answer.