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Thursday, 8 March 2012

"Greed Remains The Order Of The Day"

Jersey's parking scratchcards 'should be scrapped'

Richard Mackenzie  
Richard Mackenzie wants parking scratchcards to be scrapped to encourage visits to St Helier

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Parking scratchcards should be scrapped to encourage people to visit St Helier, Jersey's town centre manager has said.

Richard Mackenzie said he agreed with Jersey's Chamber of Commerce that getting rid of the system would bring more people into the shopping area.

He said pay cards were too confusing and put both locals and visitors off from spending in the town centre.
However, Transport Minister Deputy Kevin Lewis said he did not think there was a better alternative yet.

Mr Mackenzie said: "I would like a system where you can pay on exit, so you don't have to pay too much.
"I think you should pay for what you use and you shouldn't be penalised if you want to extend your stay."
Deputy Lewis said: "I think there's room for pay cards, people find them convenient and they're easy to use for both locals and tourists alike."

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  1. Kevin Lewis is an establishment plonker controlled by civil servants...a grovelling boyscout who wants to serve his masters ....please don't make me go back out in the real world and be made to have a proper job...I've been a good little lapdog really I have and please can my missus get a shift next time then we'd be really comfy...he represents everything that is wrong in politics here and should have stayed showing movies.Twat.