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Thursday, 8 March 2012

"Full Steam Ahead For The Sinking Ship"

Senator Bailhache to chair Electoral Commission

Senator Sir Philip Bailhache is to chair the Commission
Senator Sir Philip Bailhache is to chair the Commission

SENATOR Philip Bailhache has promised to engage fully with Islanders and politicians after being elected chairman of Jersey’s new Electoral Commission.

The former Bailiff – who stood for election on a platform of States reform – beat Deputy Geoff Southern in the States yesterday in a two-way contest for the job.

He won the election 34 to five, with four abstentions and one spoilt paper, and will be joined on the Commission by St Mary Constable Juliette Gallichan and St Helier Deputy James Baker, who were appointed unopposed.

Earlier, Members adopted a proposition from the Privileges and Procedures Committee setting out the  composition and terms of reference of the Commission.

It means that the Commission will consist of the three States Members already elected, plus  three non-Members yet to be approved by the States.

They will be required to take into account the views of the public as they consider a wide range of issues, including classes of States Member; constituencies and mandates; number of Members; and terms of office.


  1. I think there are no comments on this topic because even the people who know how rotten things really are may be left speechless at PBs naked power grab.

  2. there are few comments up lately because the police have stolen Ians computers,phone etc.etc. all on the basis of a 'search order' signed by a police inspector, what are these numpties on!

    Ian will be back online shortly, one way or another :)