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Thursday, 8 March 2012

"Deputy Green Offended By The Truth"

Jersey's Housing Minister angry at 'slums' comment

Housing Minister, Deputy Andrew Green  
Deputy Andrew Green said the worst accommodation must be repaired

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Jersey's Housing Minister says he is angry at comments by Deputy Trevor Pitman describing some social housing as "slums".

Deputy Andrew Green said it was offensive to those tenants who kept their homes well.
In the States, Deputy Pitman said: "People are basically paying to live in things little better than slums."
Deputy Green said he was ashamed by some of the accommodation, but rises in rents would be used on maintenance.

Social housing rents are due to go up by 20%, as a so-called hidden subsidy will be removed.
However, social security payouts will increase so those on benefits should not lose out.

Deputy Pitman said social housing was substandard and in a poor condition and people would be paying more rent for the same poor quality social housing.

Deputy Green said he would look at possibly introducing a "decent home standard".
He said it would be similar to the UK scheme that ensures all social housing meets minimum requirements.

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