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Saturday, 3 March 2012

"It's All A Load Of Crap - Ozo The Bozo & JEP"

Treasury Minister: ‘I did not say there wouldn’t be tax increases’

Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf, Liar

The JEP, Flagship of Lies

THE Treasury Minister has denied saying that there would be no tax increases over the next three years – claiming instead that he was talking about not increasing the rates of Income Tax or GST.

And Senator Philip Ozouf told a scrutiny panel hearing this week that more work would be put into solving the issue of foreign non-finance firms not paying tax in Jersey and committed again to finding a solution over the next three years.

In his pitch for the Treasury job in 2008 he promised to find a way to make the foreign firms pay tax here, but nothing has come forward.

 Referring to his promises on tax, The Senator said: ‘The headlines in the JEP do not reflect what I said. I did not say that there would be no increase in tax.

‘What I mean is I do not think that there is going to be a requirement for having to increase tax rates over the next three years in terms of GST, income tax or – apart from the normal Health department-driven inflation – in duty.’


  1. So what exactly did Ozouf say about taxes before?


    Scroll to bottom of page for audio link to the Treasury and Minister candidate speech Listen 6.23
    ''the main body of the tax I believe is settled and working. GST and the other measures in the fiscal strategy will make up the deficit caused by the changing corporate tax which although driven by external requirements, has also coincidently been timely, as corporate tax revenue is falling around the world''.

  3. Ian.

    Far be it from me to come on here (or anywhere) and defend Philip Ozouf. But in the heading of your Blog you have this.

    ""JERSEY'S EVENING PROPAGANDA" do you ever wonder why the (Jersey Evening Post) will not create a comments section for certain stories of vital importance to the people of Jersey ?"

    By the same token have you noticed, almost every time they write an article on Philip Ozouf there IS a comment section where he duly gets slated (rightfully so some would argue).

    But the question is why are the JEP giving HIM all this bad press and not others like Ian Le Marquand, Philip Bailhache, the Attorney General, Law Offices and so on?

    Like I said I am not defending Philip Ozouf, just asking the question, why he appears to be getting singled out. The JEP, it appears has it in for him, when there are those further up the food-chain who deserve equal treatment. Something doesn't smell right.