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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

"Another Roger Holland???"

        Has Ralph Upset His Oligarchy Mates!!!

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Strange that there is no government protection here for one of
'the boys'?


  1. I have still not received my stolen equipment back from the Jersey Police yet but will try and post from a friends from time to time.

    The police will not tell me who I can contact (at the law officers dept) to chase my property up, so I rang the Law Officers Department this afternoon.

    The lady I spoke to advised me to ring the Citizens Advice Bureau, I asked her nicely not to be silly!

  2. Ian have you been charged with any offence yet?

  3. No, no I haven't....I informed the magistrate at the time that I was recording the proceedings, any grievance should have been aired there and then.

    So, (alleged) Magistrate Shaw obviously acquiesced to my recording the proceedings, this being demonstrated/confirmed by her silence and inaction.

  4. Do the police not have a time frame of which to bring charges?
    I do not understand how the police can hold your property and you have not been charges with any offence?

  5. This place is utterly lawless, they can drag this on forever and a day with no one too answer to!

    There must be some statutory crap written somewhere about it though.

  6. Another elderly paedo with connections to children's charities and politics. A former Centennier at that. This Rag article claims he is alleged to have committed acts against three girls, one as young as five, in the 1990s. He is now 76 years old. Middle aged and elderly people do not just wake up one day and become newly interested in sexually assaulting small children. This man has been around children for a very long time in multiple capacities without any consequences to him. There are too many of these Jersey paedophiles committing crimes for decades and often their acts are ignored by those who with the power to stop them. Why are they stopping him only now? Does he no longer "know too much" about the coverups because his memory fails him? We can be sure there is more...

  7. Don't hold your breath for your stuff to be returned, charges or not, I know someone who had their birthday pressie, new laptop confiscated, when it was them who actually rang the police to say I have had this 'Naughty,rude' email picture sent to me, and the whole thing then involved the laptop being taken for 1year, and never returned, and no charges being brought either, just a verbal warning. all because he opened an email forwarded from a mate.
    They can also keep anything until after a case goes to court before you do get it back.


  8. Friend of mine had her laptop taken as evidence 4 years ago, although the case is now history they still have it, and she was never charged with anything!


  10. Ian

    The person who 'should know' where your property is and what they are doing with it is the Officer In Charge Of The Search. His name is on the green form 'Information to the occupier'. I can't make it out on the posted copy. You should also have received a copy of the list of property taken from your address.

    You will find the statutory crap in the Police Procedures and Criminal Evidence (Jersey) Law under one of the 'Codes'. Can't recall which one off the top of my head.

    If they haven't complied with the Code you can make a complaint - even if you know it won't go anywhere, at least the complaint will have been logged.

  11. Can't change my emil address please put on display Not pc lit sorry.

  12. Would like to post comment on "Contempt of Court" and search issue, but need space for 960 words or an eAddress...

    Red Lion

  13. Last year in Southern Ireland, 165 Roman Catholic Priests were "Defrocked" that was only the ones that were caught, (a matter of Public record) for their offences against children, it goes without saying, that, Globaly, thousands join the "Priesthood" and many other organisations so they can can access children with an extremely small chance of being caught, who will believe a small child making accusations against a Priest or a Constables Officer or a Centenier?
    This Island is awash with perverts, lesbians, and rear Admirals!!!!!