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Thursday, 1 March 2012

"Another One In The Eye For Bailhache"

Parishioners say no to politicians

Around 100 people attended a meeting which discussed whether or not politicians should be involved with the electoral reform group

St Helier parishioners have voted strongly against politicians being involved with the group which will investigate electoral reform in Jersey.

At the moment it is being suggested that former Bailiff, now Senator Sir Philip Bailhache, should head the investigation.

On Wednesday evening, St Helier parishioner Nick Le Cornu called an extraordinary public meeting at the Town Hall. He is supporting an amendment by Deputy Roy Le Herissier who wants a lay group to probe the issue and make recommendations.

Parishioners voted 53 in favour of politicians being banned from the electoral reform panel, and with three against.

1 comment:

  1. Bailhache wants to reduce the amount of elected Deputies in the States by 10, and retain the unelected Constables.
    If he ever gets his way then we are all in the "fertilizer" and there will be no way back.!!
    Jersey and Democracy should never be mentioned in the same breath..!!