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Thursday, 29 March 2012

"Peanuts From The Monkeys - Abuse Survivors Ridiculed Again"

Jersey child abuse victims compensation announced

Seven people were convicted after the abuse inquiry, with four linked to Haut de la Garenne


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Victims of child abuse at Jersey care homes are to be offered up to £60,000 compensation from the States.

More than 100 former care home residents will be able to make claims, with the level of payout dependent on the nature of the offences.

Carrie Modral, from the Jersey Care Leavers Association, said it was a long time coming.
She said: "A lot of the survivors are living on the poverty line so it will be a huge boost to help with debts."

She added: "But for some people it's just not enough for the abuse that they suffered."
'Fairly and sensitively'

Jersey's Chief Minister, Senator Ian Gorst, said: "Whilst we recognise nothing in some ways can compensate for that abuse, we as ministers feel this financial recompense is appropriate at this time."
Senator Gorst said he hoped to launch a public enquiry into historical abuse in the island.

"I hope to be in a position to launch a public enquiry for the States assembly to debate within the next month to six weeks."

He added: "The Council of Ministers wants to ensure claimants are dealt with fairly and sensitively," the Sentator added.
"Many of them had been placed at homes in Jersey [...] only to endure often harsh conditions, deliberate cruelty and sexual abuse."
Alan Collins Representing abuse victims
The scheme will be open to anyone who was in a Jersey care home between 9 May 1945 and 31 December 1994.

People making a claim will give their details to law firm Mourant Ozannes who will then assess each case.

Advocate Beverley Lacey from Jersey law firm Mourant Ozannes said they were not expecting more than 100 claims.

She said: "Three different sets of law firms are acting for a total of 90 claiments, we are not anticipating the number to reach more than 100."
'Recognition needed'

Alan Collins from the UK law firm Pannone, which is representing 43 victims, said this was about justice rather than compensation.

He said: "The victims have been driven by a need for recognition.

"Many of them had been placed at Haut de la Garenne - and other homes in Jersey - through no fault of their own and often because of tragic family circumstances, only to endure often harsh conditions, deliberate cruelty and sexual abuse.

"Those who were supposedly caring for them either abused or were complicit."
All claims need to be into Mourant Ozannes by 30 September 2012.

An inquiry into historical abuse at Jersey's children's homes ran between 2007 and 2010.


"Syvret Has Made His Own Glory Exposing Child Abuse"

Ex-minister makes bid for Olympic glory

Former Senator Stuart Syvret 
Former Senator Stuart Syvret
FORMER Senator Stuart Syvret has been provisionally selected to represent Jersey as an Olympic torchbearer.

The name of the ex-Health Minister, who was released from prison in December, appeared on the official London 2012 website yesterday after he was chosen by one of 12 regional selection panels around the British Isles.

However, organisers confirmed that he only has a conditional offer to carry the famous flame when it arrives in Jersey on 15 July as part of its relay around Britain.

As a result he will have to face a series of stringent criminal record and security checks before he can have his ‘moment to shine’, as the campaign to find torchbearers was branded.


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

"Another Roger Holland???"

        Has Ralph Upset His Oligarchy Mates!!!

Left click, or double click on the pic to read it

Strange that there is no government protection here for one of
'the boys'?

Sunday, 18 March 2012

"An Insight Into Jersey Corruption - Straight From The Horses Mouth"

A History Of Crime
But Just Who Is The Criminal?

SO, I finally got to do an interview! My profound thanks to Mike Dun for his time and effort in making this video possible.

During the interview we travel through time, 23 years of police and judicial oppression by the vile regime that is Jersey Governance.

As many of you are aware, I was arrested nine days ago and held for six hours at police headquarters. Whilst being interviewed by the police, and without my knowledge, my home was ransacked without a valid search warrant, without an independent witness being present, and without my permission!

My housemate of two years was at work, therefore no one present other than the police when the theft took place.

They went through all my belongings, taking computers, cell phones, and storage devices amongst other things. They even took my written passwords from a note pad!

What else have they done that I do not know about? Have they bugged my home? My phones? My computers? Have they cut their very own key for my front door to gain access as and when they like? 

By their unlawful actions they have also alienated another member of the public, yes, my housemate. She was working at the time of the unlawful entry and knew nothing of the invasion of her home and privacy until I was released from custody at 9.30pm that Friday evening.

This unlawful activity has profoundly affected the lady in question, and as a result of this outrage she tendered a weeks notice the very next day. She packed and left six days later.

She now distrusts the Jersey police entirely, and has no respect for our alleged authorities anymore.

Good job boys!!!  

The Next Video on the link Below

Below is the search form offer (alleged search warrant) which you will see that I did not sign. After the scan, Cyril will give a brief rundown on the validity of the (alleged search warrant) document.

Over Now To Cyril The Squirrel

You will see just below the phrase "information to the occupier" (top left of the form) the word notice. This is important as all notices from Government are just offers, nothing more. No one is obliged to accept an offer, Ian clearly didn't.

The term (occupier) is just another bullshit administrative title, Ian is a man, not a title.

Ian was informed at Police HQ that contempt of court is a Common Law crime, so the police must deal with this in Common Law jurisdiction which is right and proper.

The problem is that the search was made using Statutory jurisdiction - police procedures and criminal evidence (Jersey) Law 2003.

Jurisdiction is an essential element in all cases, it cannot be switched willy nilly just to make life easier for public officials. The DI who signed this form could find himself with burnt fingers.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

"Debt Collection - There's Lots Of Nasty Swearing On This Posting"

Debt collection code of conduct created

Islanders struggling to cope with the aggressive tactics of debt collection agencies have been given hope. Yes, it's called Common Law!!!

As a result of an exclusive Channel Television investigation a code of conduct to regulate the debt collection industry has now been drawn up. The code of conduct is in the Magna Carta!!!

The new code aims to protect those who end up in the hands of debt collection agencies as well as providing guidelines for the companies themseleves. The real protection is below!!!

We want to know your views.

Have you been affected by Debt collectors?

Below is some very good advice that puts the debt collection parasites in their place, and free's YOU from debt :)

I suggest you read the whole page before using the links

Freeman On The Land
Veronica Chapman
On Debt

What to do with Bailiffs and Debt Collectors.

Postby Veronica » Tue Mar 30, 2010 9:32 pm
I’ve left the best till last.

Well, I’ve a lot of personal experience of this, lately.

However, before I come to how to deal with them, perhaps I should try to explain the precise ‘scenario’ that involves them.

It goes like this (think about it … it is not hard!):

If someone is in ‘debt’, and someone else comes to the rescue - and pays off the debt - what is the situation?

I think you’ll agree that the situation is something like this:

Whoever was paid off, is now perfectly happy, and isn’t likely to re-demand being paid (although this does mistakenly happen, of course!). But, generally speaking, once they are paid off, they toddle off into the sunset.

In other words, the so-called ‘debt’ has been ‘extinguished’ by payment of it.

Now, if whoever paid it off was a friend, they might do so on the basis that you pay them back as soon as you are able, or they might say “Oh, that’s all right … I can afford it …I’m just glad to see you out of trouble. That’s what friends are for.”.

It’s only the former case that is important. Where someone pays off the debt, but expects to be paid back.

Now, I suggest for your consideration that, if someone is prepared to extinguish a debt for you, but expect you to pay it back to them, there are certain things that must happen due to the demands of good faith all round, and civilised behaviour. And these are:

1. That they make sure that you actually owe the debt, in the first place. And they can only do this by discussing it with you.

2. That they make sure you agree to pay them back, and (again) they can only do this by discussing it (up front) with you.

3. You should only expect to pay them back what they, themselves, paid out … otherwise they are taking the piss.

Do you think those three are fair, honest, honourable, and reasonable?

I do.

So, when you get a letter from Bailiffs or Debt Collection Agencies, what has happened? Well, they have paid off your so-called ‘debt’ (very cheaply) and are demanding that you pay them back.

That’s what’s happening.


1. They never checked with you first to see whether you actually owed anything

2. They didn’t agree with you beforehand that you would pay it back

3. They aren’t demanding repayment of their outlay, they are demanding about 1,000 times that amount.

No. They just muscled in. Did you ask them to? No, you didn’t.

Well, they muscled in, and paid of you alleged ‘debt’. So that no longer exists.

And, if they had wanted to be paid back, they should have got your agreement BEFOREHAND … shouldn’t they?

Not that you would have agreed, of course. Because:

1. You didn’t owe it anyway.

2. You never agreed to pay them back

3. Why should you let them take the piss by demanding 1,000 more than they actually paid?

Well, that’s the scenario.

All you have to do is to explain it to them. (AND STAND FIRM! If you are not going to stand firm, then don’t bother … just roll over … play dead … and pay up. It’s your choice. You either walk all over them … or let them walk all over you).

Now, the DebtBust Application contains Templates that create ‘nice’ letters. And you can use that if you wish.

But I come back to what I said earlier. THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND.

So, here, I’m going to propose an alternative, which should be comprehensible to an 8-year old (I will actually try to verify this by asking an 8-year old).

Dear Sirs,

I write in response of your letter of the… yada …

It seem to suggest that you paid off some alleged debt to … yada … on my behalf.

It seems you expect me to pay you back. Unfortunately, however, your expectation is not going to be fulfilled for the following reasons:

1. Before involving yourselves, you failed to check that the so-called amount was actually owed. (It wasn’t)

2. That I, myself, am the debtor. (I’m not)

3. That I, myself, agreed to pay you back. (I didn’t)

4. That you are anyway attempting to take the piss, because your actual outlay would have 10%, or less, than your demand to me.

You need to make the most of this reply, because it is all you are going to get. You have now been told the situation in the plainest of English, I therefore intend to shred any further communications from you (however ‘dramatic’ you care make them. You are going to have to come to terms with the fact that your psychology no longer works).

Moral: If you go around paying off other people’s debts, make sure that you have an agreement with them BEFOREHAND. That is the accepted rule of good faith and civilised behaviour. It's also basic Common Sense - being the same thing as having a good look around first - before you jump into the water - only to discover there are sharks swimming around. Because once you've jumped ... it's a bit too late to discover the sharks.

Sincerely without frivolity,

X: of the Y family (as commonly called), English(Welsh/Scottish/Irish/etc) Sovereign.
Without any admission of any liability whatsoever, and with all Natural Indefeasible, Rights reserved.

(Actually they should get Oscars for some of the ‘dramatics’ I’ve seen recently)
Freedom's just another word for: "Nothing left to lose" (Janis Joplin)
"There is no path to peace, peace IS the path" (Mahatma Ghandi)
"There is no path to freedom, freedom IS the path" (Veronica Chapman)
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Re: For Newbies, as much as anybody ...

Postby Veronica » Tue Mar 30, 2010 9:54 pm
There's a Topic called "Veronica's Water Bill".

Thames Water have sold the so-called 'debt' to Fredericksons International.

Fredericksons have engaged some Solicitors called Bryan Carter & Co. They wrote to me a "Solicitor's Letter".

This was my response:

Tuesday, 23 March 2010.


Dear Sirs,

I write in response to your letter of 18/03/2010.

Even the Bills of Exchange Act, 1882 says that - once a debt is paid - said debt is extinguished.

Thus when Fredericksons paid Thames Water for some so-called ‘debt’ … said so-called ‘debt’ was extinguished. (FACT)

Consequently your letter doesn’t make any sense at all, in point of fact it is total bollox. You have your head totally up your arse for the following reasons:

1. I recall NO CONTRACT with you.
2. I recall NO CONTRACT with Fredericksons.
3. I recall NO CONTRACT with Thames Water.
4. I will NOT GRANT Contract to any Court de facto, should anyone decide to go to litigation. And, anyway, you will be wasting your time because there is no dispute, as explained above. There is only the FACT that any so-called ‘debt’ was extinguished.

So you are, basically, stuffed. And, that being the case, you must be a complete wanker to have even considered writing to me, because you should have checked all this out before putting electronic pen to paper.

Fredericksons have no right to pursue anyone for a non-existent so-called ‘debt’, and only a complete twat would conjoin with them in such a CRIMINAL activity of attempted:


(Call it what you will).

Perhaps you could redeem your blatant cuntishness by explaining it to them nicely?

Maybe you should take some LAWFUL advice? It is, after all, childishly simple. It goes like this. If you intend to pay off someone else’s debt, make sure – beforehand – that they have agreed, via BINDING CONTRACT, to pay you back. Otherwise it is rather stupid to go ahead and do it. (And even more stupid to conjoin with them). Unless, of course, you are all philanthropists … but you don’t sound like that.

This is so simple, and basic, that anyone who did not comprehend would need to be mentally retarded. It is the basis of good faith and civilised behaviour, and forms a part of the bedrock of the Law-of-the-LAND (aka the Common Law). (So now you know).

[b]I hereby send you Notice that my fee for any further responses in this matter (which constitute unwarranted intrusions into my privacy, and attempts at trespass on my sovereignty) will be £1,000 per letter (irrespective of content), and that by sending me a communication, you accept said Fee Schedule.[/b]

So, make the most of this response, and the education contained herein, because it is all you and/or Fredericksons are likely to get from me.

Sincerely without frivolity,

Veronica: of the Chapman family, as commonly called (English Sovereign). Without any admission of any liability whatsoever, and with all Natural Indefeasible Rights reserved.

Within a couple of days I get a letter from Fredericksons asking me to "Please confirm when the debt was paid off".


My reply to Frederiscksons:


Notice to Bailiffs & Debt Collectors (etc)

Notice to Agent is notice to Principal; Notice to Principal is notice to Agent

It is a basic rule of Common Sense that – if you pay someone else’s so-called ‘debt’ - then you make sure – BEFOREHAND – that they are prepared to pay you back. If you had done that, your demands would have the force of LAW behind them.

Since you never checked anything with me BEFOREHAND, then you & your Company are either:

1. Philanthropists, acting non-philanthropic
2. A collection of mentally retarded wankers, devoid of basic Common Sense/comprehension of LAW.

Don’t bother knocking, because you’ll be unlikely to get an answer. If you do get an answer, then the only one you’ll get will be “Fuck off you pathetic little wanker” … so you’ll be wasting your time.

If you put a letter through the door it will be immediately shredded. Yet another waste of your time & effort … but hey … you’re a complete wanker … so you’ll do it anyway!



(By all means take a copy of this Notice back to your office)

I think that just about sums it all up ... and that's the latest in the saga of "Veronica's Water Bill".
Freedom's just another word for: "Nothing left to lose" (Janis Joplin)
"There is no path to peace, peace IS the path" (Mahatma Ghandi)
"There is no path to freedom, freedom IS the path" (Veronica Chapman)

REMEMBER to do your homework and study this stuff hard, you need to know ALL the tricks!!!

Have Fun

"When Will The Public Rebel? - When It's Too Late!"

Suspension cost of surgeon: £800k

The hospital surgeon was suspended three years ago
The hospital surgeon was suspended three years ago
THE suspension of a now retired surgeon has cost the taxpayer almost £800,000.

The surgeon, who was the subject of a police investigation, was suspended three years ago after a patient in his 70s died shortly after undergoing two operations.

It was decided last year that there was ‘insufficient’ evidence to charge the individual. But the cost of his suspension was revealed in the States  this week to be £789,340. This is expected to rise once the final figures have been accumulated.

"Greed Remains The Order Of The Day"

Jersey's parking scratchcards 'should be scrapped'

Richard Mackenzie  
Richard Mackenzie wants parking scratchcards to be scrapped to encourage visits to St Helier

Related Stories

Parking scratchcards should be scrapped to encourage people to visit St Helier, Jersey's town centre manager has said.

Richard Mackenzie said he agreed with Jersey's Chamber of Commerce that getting rid of the system would bring more people into the shopping area.

He said pay cards were too confusing and put both locals and visitors off from spending in the town centre.
However, Transport Minister Deputy Kevin Lewis said he did not think there was a better alternative yet.

Mr Mackenzie said: "I would like a system where you can pay on exit, so you don't have to pay too much.
"I think you should pay for what you use and you shouldn't be penalised if you want to extend your stay."
Deputy Lewis said: "I think there's room for pay cards, people find them convenient and they're easy to use for both locals and tourists alike."

"Deputy Green Offended By The Truth"

Jersey's Housing Minister angry at 'slums' comment

Housing Minister, Deputy Andrew Green  
Deputy Andrew Green said the worst accommodation must be repaired

Related Stories

Jersey's Housing Minister says he is angry at comments by Deputy Trevor Pitman describing some social housing as "slums".

Deputy Andrew Green said it was offensive to those tenants who kept their homes well.
In the States, Deputy Pitman said: "People are basically paying to live in things little better than slums."
Deputy Green said he was ashamed by some of the accommodation, but rises in rents would be used on maintenance.

Social housing rents are due to go up by 20%, as a so-called hidden subsidy will be removed.
However, social security payouts will increase so those on benefits should not lose out.

Deputy Pitman said social housing was substandard and in a poor condition and people would be paying more rent for the same poor quality social housing.

Deputy Green said he would look at possibly introducing a "decent home standard".
He said it would be similar to the UK scheme that ensures all social housing meets minimum requirements.

"Full Steam Ahead For The Sinking Ship"

Senator Bailhache to chair Electoral Commission

Senator Sir Philip Bailhache is to chair the Commission
Senator Sir Philip Bailhache is to chair the Commission

SENATOR Philip Bailhache has promised to engage fully with Islanders and politicians after being elected chairman of Jersey’s new Electoral Commission.

The former Bailiff – who stood for election on a platform of States reform – beat Deputy Geoff Southern in the States yesterday in a two-way contest for the job.

He won the election 34 to five, with four abstentions and one spoilt paper, and will be joined on the Commission by St Mary Constable Juliette Gallichan and St Helier Deputy James Baker, who were appointed unopposed.

Earlier, Members adopted a proposition from the Privileges and Procedures Committee setting out the  composition and terms of reference of the Commission.

It means that the Commission will consist of the three States Members already elected, plus  three non-Members yet to be approved by the States.

They will be required to take into account the views of the public as they consider a wide range of issues, including classes of States Member; constituencies and mandates; number of Members; and terms of office.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

"States Circus Over-run By Clowns"

Jersey politicians approve States reform commission

The States of Jersey  
The Electoral Commission will be responsible for looking at States reform

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A review into the make up of the States of Jersey and the island's electoral process will go ahead, politicians have agreed.
Members voted 32-14 in favour of setting up an Electoral Commission to look into the issue of reform.
It followed a decision on Tuesday that States members would be allowed to sit on the new panel.
Senator Sir Philip Bailhache was elected as chairman, beating Deputy Geoff Southern by 29 votes.
The assistant chief minister had 34 votes to Deputy Southern's five, with four members abstaining.
Rejected amendments  Deputy James Baker and Constable Juliet Gallichan were elected as the other two members after being nominated by the chief minister Senator Ian Gorst.
They were elected unopposed after a suggestion by Senator Bailhache that there should be one deputy, one constable and one senator on the panel to represent the three types of office.
States members spent part of Tuesday and Wednesday debating whether or not to establish the commission including two amendments.
Deputy Roy le Herissier failed to convince enough members to increase the scope of the commission or remove politicians from the group.
A move to establish a group of experts to advise and support the commission was also thrown out.
Senator Bailhache has been tasked with finding three non-States members to make up the remainder of the commission.

More on This Story

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"What Laws? And Why The Panic?"

Path of new laws to be eased – but more staff to be employed

Jersey’s foreign minister, Senator Sir Philip Bailhache
Jersey’s foreign minister, Senator Sir Philip Bailhache

THE process by which laws passed by the States are given Royal Assent is to be speeded up.

Ratification by the Privy Council, a group of senior MPs that advises the Queen, should take around three months but the process has been taking much longer – sometimes double – in recent years.

In an attempt to reduce that time, a new way of working is being developed which will require more work by Jersey’s Law Officers’ department.

Extra staff are being recruited to take on the work and it is hoped that it will lead to a considerable improvement.

Jersey’s foreign minister, Senator Sir Philip Bailhache, said that the issue had been one of the things discussed with UK Justice Minister Lord McNally during a recent visit to London, which was also attended by Chief Minister Ian Gorst.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


"The Predicted Happened As Predicted"


Politicians can sit on electoral reform panel

Protests have been taking place outside Jersey's States today where politicians have just rejected a ban on politicians sitting on a panel looking into electoral reform.

The campaigners and several States members wanted an 'independent' Electoral Commission to be re-instated.

Twenty five members voted to reject the proposal, with 22 for.
One member abstained from voting.

Last March, politicians agreed they were incapable of reforming themselves from within and voted for an Independent Electoral Commission - where external experts could ensure an unbiased review.

But the October election brought a new house and a new Privileges and Procedures Committee - which is the group that sets the rules for the States.

They decided to challenge the idea of an Independent Commission - and instead put politicians on the Panel, but that's sparked controversy.

Some States members, including Deputy Roy le Herissier, think any political influence would only derail the Commission's work.

"Jersey Leading The Child Abuse Cat To The Pigeons!!!"

Let us hope

Russell Wate QPM and Dave Marshall QPM

will not be talking to

Andre Bonjour!!!

Top UK child abuse experts lead seminar in Jersey....PMSL :)

UK child abuse experts are to lead a seminar in Jersey.

Former investigating officers, Russell Wate QPM and Dave Marshall QPM, will be talking to local police, social workers and teachers about the high profile child abuse cases they worked on.

Mr Wate investigated the murder of schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in 2002 and Mr Marshall investigated the neglect cases of Victoria Climbie and Baby P.

Chief Inspector Alison Fossey, from the States of Jersey Police, said: "It is very important that we tackle any serious crime with a multi-agency approach. We must also learn from the experiences of others.

"Russell Wate and Dave Marshall are experts in the field and we are pleased that they are able to come here and work with us."

"Pollard - £171,000 Missing By My Reckoning!"

Jersey health boss was given £129,000 when he resigned

Related Stories

Jersey's former chief officer of health received a pay-off worth just over £129,000, the chief minister has revealed.

Senator Ian Gorst made the announcement in a States debate on golden handshakes on Tuesday.
Mike Pollard resigned from his post in 2009 for personal reasons.

Senator Gorst revealed in February that former chief executive of the States Bill Ogley received more than £500,000 when he resigned.

Jersey's auditor general is to review the payments given to civil servants when they leave their jobs.
Christopher Swinson's report will look at how big these payments were and how many have been paid out.

The chief minister said he welcomed the investigation into payments and would wait for it to be completed before finalising new severance guidelines.

"Inadequate Jersey Still Can't Deal With Child Issues!!!"

Respite care inadequate, panel concludes

Respite care inadequate, panel concludes

PARENTS of children with special needs have pleaded with a Scrutiny panel to help them fight for proper respite care provision from the States.

In hearings held behind closed doors to protect the anonymity of the families, the panel of politicians looking into respite care for children and young people has heard the same story repeatedly.

And panel chairman Deputy Kristina Moore says that the families need some support.
Her panel aims to publish their report by the end of April.

"Is Construction Hold Up A De-population Ploy?"

Construction industry ‘hit by longer Planning waiting times’

Architect Mike Waddington says that there are more planning delays
Architect Mike Waddington says that there are more planning delays

WAITING times for major planning applications have almost doubled since Environment Minister Rob Duhamel took office, with £150 million worth of construction stuck in the pipeline, according to an Island architect.

Mike Waddington says that applications submitted by his firm are taking an average of 10.6 months to get through Planning, compared to 5.6 months under the previous minister, former Senator Freddie Cohen.

And Mr Waddington says that after talking to other architects and others in the construction industry, he estimates that £150 million worth of much-needed construction work is being held up.

Deputy Duhamel was not available to comment.

Monday, 5 March 2012

"Swine Flu Sue Fills Us In On Cancer"

Cancer: The Island’s deadliest enemy

Medical Officer of Health Dr Susan Turnbull is among the health professionals leading the fight against cancer in Jersey

LEVELS of some of the deadliest forms of cancer are higher in Jersey than almost anywhere else in Britain.

Today – as part of a three-day series on the disease – the JEP can reveal that rates for almost all of the top-ten most common forms of cancer are higher than the average in the UK. Rates for the deadliest form of skin cancer – malignant melanoma – are the highest in Britain.

And levels of lung and head and neck cancers, which have a very low survival rate, are among the highest in the British Isles and similar to those seen in the deprived areas of northern England.

Below are a couple of methods of dealing with cancer
Which one would you opt for?

"Robbed Blind Again"

Broadband bills 30 times higher than UK

Politicians and businesses are campaigning to bring down the cost of broadband in Jersey.

Many islanders currently pay internet bills that are up to 30 times higher than the UK.

The internet providers say it costs more to get online here because of the difficulties of connecting an island to the world wide web.

According to Alan MacLean, Economic Development Minister, the island is losing its competitive edge.

He said: "Ultimately, we'll end up losing businesses that are currently located in the island, but more importantly the opportunity for driving business into Jersey - of which worldwide there is a lot of opportunity, we're going to lose those opportunities."

Saturday, 3 March 2012

"Jersey 'Justice' Ready To Strike Again!!!"

Waterfront: States sued for millions

IRISH developers are suing the States for millions over aborted plans to create a new St Helier business district.

Harcourt have taken their claim against the Jersey Development Company, a wholly States-owned agency responsible for developing public land, to the Royal Court after being dropped as preferred developers for the Esplanade Quarter.

Harcourt say that the JDC, which replaced the Waterfront Enterprise Board, owe them £6.9 million for the work they carried out before being ousted, including fees paid to architects, lawyers, PR professionals, engineers and States departments.

In response, the JDC said that all agreements between the parties were subject to the approval of the relevant minister and that they were not bound as argued by the alleged preliminary contract in relation to the proposed development.

It calls on the court to dismiss the Order of Justice and order that Harcourt should pay JDC’s legal costs.

"Jimmy (slit your wrists) Perchard Just Can't Help Himself"

Ex-Senator: Ogley did a good job, so why go?

Ex-Senator: Ogley did a good job, so why go?

JERSEY’S top civil servant who was controversially paid £546,337.50 to leave his job was ‘dedicated, hard-working and professional’, the ex- politician who blew the whistle on the pay-off has said.

In an interview with the Jersey Evening Post today former Health Minister Jim Perchard describes ex-States chief executive Bill Ogley as ‘a good man for the job’.

But after this week’s news that Mr Ogley was paid the hefty ‘golden handshake’ when he left, Mr Perchard is now questioning the circumstances surrounding the departure.

‘The question now is why the urgency for him to go,’ he said. ‘Terry Le Sueur said he had no problem working with him and when I spent any time with him I thought he was very professional, very competent and very helpful to me as a minister and I had no problem with him.’

"It's All A Load Of Crap - Ozo The Bozo & JEP"

Treasury Minister: ‘I did not say there wouldn’t be tax increases’

Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf, Liar

The JEP, Flagship of Lies

THE Treasury Minister has denied saying that there would be no tax increases over the next three years – claiming instead that he was talking about not increasing the rates of Income Tax or GST.

And Senator Philip Ozouf told a scrutiny panel hearing this week that more work would be put into solving the issue of foreign non-finance firms not paying tax in Jersey and committed again to finding a solution over the next three years.

In his pitch for the Treasury job in 2008 he promised to find a way to make the foreign firms pay tax here, but nothing has come forward.

 Referring to his promises on tax, The Senator said: ‘The headlines in the JEP do not reflect what I said. I did not say that there would be no increase in tax.

‘What I mean is I do not think that there is going to be a requirement for having to increase tax rates over the next three years in terms of GST, income tax or – apart from the normal Health department-driven inflation – in duty.’

"The Silent One - No Response Yet To My Letter!!!"

More than £15m in unpaid tax is written off

More than £15m in unpaid tax is written off
States Treasurer Laura Rowley

MORE than £15m in unpaid taxes and contributions has been ‘written off’ by the States in the last five years.

Figures obtained by the JEP under the States’ anti-secrecy code have showed that the taxman and the Social Security department have given up on more than £15m in GST, company tax, personal tax and contributions.

The response from the Treasury department refused to reveal procedures for writing off tax debts, but said that the usual reasons included death, bankruptcy and people leaving the Island.

But the figures also show a very encouraging trend – the amount of tax written off in 2011is just half of the average over the past four years.

States Treasurer Laura Rowley said that more was being done on the issue than ever before, adding that the 99.6% collection rate was a record high for the department.

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Jersey Treasury Minister opposes women tax return plan

Income tax return form 
Deputy Geoff Southern wants the law to be changed so married couples fill out separate tax return forms

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Jersey's treasury minister says he will oppose plans to introduce separate tax returns for married couples.
Senator Philip Ozouf said married couples could already opt to have separate forms if they wanted them.
Deputy Geoff Southern lodged a proposition calling for all married men and women to fill out separate tax return forms.
Senator Ozouf said the proposed changes could result in increased tax for lower to middle income couples.
Deputy Geoff Southern said the current system where a wife's income was included on their husband's tax return was "archaic and unacceptable".
He is asking the Treasury Minister to change the law in time for the next budget in 2013. This is something the States as a whole will have to vote on.
Deputy Southern said: "The modernisation of our laws to make them fit for the 21st Century and to reflect society's values must surely be taken as a whole, including our antiquated income tax law, to eliminate the potential for discrimination."

Thursday, 1 March 2012

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Parishioners say no to politicians

Around 100 people attended a meeting which discussed whether or not politicians should be involved with the electoral reform group

St Helier parishioners have voted strongly against politicians being involved with the group which will investigate electoral reform in Jersey.

At the moment it is being suggested that former Bailiff, now Senator Sir Philip Bailhache, should head the investigation.

On Wednesday evening, St Helier parishioner Nick Le Cornu called an extraordinary public meeting at the Town Hall. He is supporting an amendment by Deputy Roy Le Herissier who wants a lay group to probe the issue and make recommendations.

Parishioners voted 53 in favour of politicians being banned from the electoral reform panel, and with three against.

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Jersey telecom firm JT Global fined for price fixing

JT shop  
JT was fined for setting a minimum price for their sim card packs

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Telecom company JT Global, which is owned by the States of Jersey, has been fined £2,500 for breaking competition law.
The Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities (CICRA) said the firm had set a minimum price for sim card packs in the island.
It also ordered JT to tell distributors to supply sim packs to any retailer which wanted one.
CICRA said it was the first time it had fined a Jersey firm for price fixing.
In August 2011, CICRA was contacted by the owner of a store in St Helier who complained that JT had ordered its wholesaler to refuse to supply sim packs to his shop.
He said this was because he wanted to sell the packs at a price below the minimum set by JT.
Under the Competition Law, CICRA can fine a company up to 10% of its worldwide turnover for the duration of a breach.
John Curran, director of CICRA, said: "In this specific case, JT was clearly aware that its conduct was illegal yet went ahead and engaged in this practice.
"However JT has co-operated with our investigation and because this appears to have been an isolated incident, the fine is relatively modest.
"This decision should be a warning to all suppliers operating in Jersey - they must allow distributors and retailers to decide what price to charge to customers or face the prospect of significant fines."

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